7 Awesome Startups to Work For

At DN19 we are giving startups the platform to open up and tell their stories. This year, startups are sharing their experiences and insights with us and it’s a great way to get a glimpse into the companies. This is your chance to find out what these startups are up to and how you can get involved. So grab a ticket to DN19 and get your networking groove on! 

Crate, Developer Advocate Tanya Plant 

Talk: “Inside the Engine room: Machine Data for the common good”

Crate created CrateDB, an open-source SQL database that makes it simple to store and analyze massive amounts of IoT data in real-time. Its aim is to revolutionarily improve production efficiency. Crate provides device management, data enrichment, and data science including AI, in order to meet the specific needs of manufacturing. It was included in the top 25 list of Forbes’ most important IoT startups. 

Crate has raised a total of 17.4 million dollars in four rounds. The last round was in June 2018, with series A funding. 

Civocracy, CEO and Co-Founder Chloe Pahud

Talk: “Gamification of governance”

Civocracy wants to encourage citizen engagement and empower (local) governments to create better cities and societies.  They created a platform where citizens can directly engage with municipalities, create and fill in surveys and discuss policies with their communities. They believe the future of society isn’t just about hearing the loudest voices. It’s about creating real engagement with communities, so many voices can be heard. Join us at DN19 to hear the talk of CEO and social activist Chloe Pahud.

In June 2018 Civocracy reached pre-seed round after 5 rounds. They currently employ 12 people. 

Geospin, Co-Founder and CDO Niklas Goby 

Talk: “Geospatial deep learning for solving real-world problems”

Smart cities are the future and Geospin is helping to make that a reality. The software of Geospin recognizes patterns and contexts of a city through self-learning algorithms. In this way, they can predict what the needs of a city will be in the coming years. They’ll give you insights into topics such as the future of mobility, how real estate prices develop and where stores can best late their branches. 

In June 2018, Geospin secured a seven-figure seed funding round. 

Amplify, Co-Founder and CEO Katy Campbell

Talk: “Crying in the toilet (dealing with mental health in the workplace)” 

Amplify is a pre-seed stage startup accelerator program with a twist. For example, they started Formation by APX, a 14-week free workshop for people who identify as female or a minority and want to be a founder one day. They believe a supportive and strong network is essential to make it as a founder. CEO and Co-Founder Katy Campbell, a queer Persian-Palestinian Scot who is out to change the future for womxn, will talk about mental health in the workplace at DN19. 

APX secured 88 million dollar funding over 4 rounds and are in series C. 

Satsearch, COO Narayan Prasad Nagendran

Talk: “Decision intelligence using Satellite big data analytics to support agriculture supply chains”

Humans in space is not something in the far future anymore. The private sector is increasingly active in the space domain and even governments are using their services as a more cost-efficient option. With his startup Satsearch, COO Narayan Prasad is operating in that space. Satsearch is building a big data platform, fusing data from space with ground sensors and econometric parameters. Supported by the European Space Agency, it’s aim is to achieve our daring goals in outer space over the coming decade.  

Fineway, Founder and Managing Director Markus Feigelbinder

Talk: “How to (almost) kill your company by building a super complex data product”

With their AI-based conversational service, Fineway is making planning holidays super easy. For those who are not the long-bearded, rock climbing and hostel loving world travelers, visiting places further than France or Greece can be difficult to arrange. Fineway delivers tailor-made travel plans to their customers’ inboxes within an instant. But the journey to building their AI hasn’t always been easy. At DN19, founder Markus Feigelbinder will tell you all about their journey. 

In November 2018 Fineway reached series A with a 6 million funding, making their total 13 million since 2015. They currently employ 65 people. 

Quaefacta, co-Founder Lea Dias

Talk: “Blockchain in healthcare” 

The mission of Quaefacta is to bring trust and traceability to healthcare through blockchain. Because of the long and complicated pharmaceutical supply chain, a lot of medication patients receive are actually fake. Through blockchain, this can be solved. Quaefacta helps companies implement this technology and offers real-time data, analytics, and business intelligence in order to streamline the process. 

Join us this November at DN19 for these talks and much, MUCH more. With cozy couches, warm chocolate milk and lots of stands from the coolest companies in tech, this is the right place for you to network! Tickets are on sale for a special October discount. So get them while you still can and do something good for your future self. 


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