Climate Change & AI for GOOD

DN Unlimited Open Forum powered by Alibaba Cloud

October 15th at 6 PM CET

Join us for a discussion on how to curb Climate Change and better protect our environment for the next generation. Get inspired by innovative solutions which use data, machine learning and AI technologies for GOOD. Lubomila Jordanova, Founder of Plan A, and featured speaker, explains that “the IT sector will use up to 51% of the global energy output in 2030. Let’s adjust the digital industry and use Data for Climate Action, because carbon reduction is key to making companies future-proof.” When used carefully, AI can help us solve some of the most serious challenges. However, key to that success is measuring impact with the right methods, mindsets, and metrics.

The founders of startups that developed innovative solutions to combat humanity’s biggest challenge, will share their experiences and thoughts: Brittany Salas (Co-Founder at Active Giving) | Peter Sänger (Co-Founder/Executive Managing Director at Green City Solutions GmbH) | Shaheer Hussam (CEO & Co-Founder at Aetlan) | Lubomila Jordanova (Founder at Plan A)  | Oliver Arafat (Alibaba Cloud’s Senior Solution Architect)

AI for GOOD – Let's make a change together!

  • Do you want to use your skills in AI to make positive environmental changes?
  • Do you want to join a community of AI and machine learning experts, who share a common passion for sustainability?
  • Do you have a technical solution based on AI and machine learning that could help improve the environment for future generations?

Alibaba Cloud is challenging participants to develop “AI for GOOD” solutions through building/enhancing their products or projects based on machine learning. Applications are now open for the Global AI Innovation Challenge, with a prize fund of over $100,000 USD. 

Join Data Natives, participate in the AI for GOOD challenge and win prizes of over $100.000 USD!

“My positive vision is that all these amazing AI technologies are used first and almost to prioritize society and environment – to save the future of our planet.”

JOHN C. HAVENS, Executive Director at IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent