With Dr. Kim J. Zietlow
, Cecilia Tham
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With Elizabeth Taylor
We must do something we’ve never been asked to do: build climate-and-community responsible technologies and companies. Using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as a roadmap, this is how to approach climate-era startups building. Want priority access to our Community
With x
With George Rollmann
, Karolina Attspodina
, Caroline Lair
Optimisation of resource consumption or placing renewable energy sites most efficiently means analysing a large amount of data. Due to recent advances in concepts and methodologies, we see more and more AI applications in the energy sector. At the
With Anne Schönauer
The talk will outline the biggest challenges for the climate-related assessment of SMEs in Europe. While there have been many developments in ESG assessments and climate-related assessments for large companies, we lack data for SMEs to do such assessments.
With Devin de Vries
Every day, billions of people are on the go in emerging markets—places with expansive public transport networks and informal economies—without reliable data to inform daily needs. Before WhereIsMyTransport, high-quality data for these markets was a pipe dream. We overcame