With Lisa Carpenter
, Sarah Finegan
, Jonas Sommer
, Fadwa Quadrani
Pitching is hard. Especially if you don’t have a marketing or sales background. Especially when you’re not a business person, not a CEO, who had to go through hundreds of elevator pitches and finally picked up the tune. But
With Cecilia Tham
For centuries and millennia, humans have dominated the earth, dominating species, “domesticating” animals, and claiming ownership of nature and its resources. But what if we introduce planetary accounting? What if plants and other non-humans have the means and rights
With Paul Pallin
Beauty is next to impossible to describe in words. FIND.Fashion is creating a language to express visual ideas and dreams to a computer. Essentially, it is a way to connect a person’s subconscious to AI. Want priority access to
With Nick Jetten
Many AI models are high risk: loan applications, medical diagnoses or models used by tax authorities. We need to keep control on these complex AI systems. But what does this mean and how can we actually ensure responsible AI?
With Bree
, Kaidlyne Neukam
, Angelica Pinzon
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With Eran Schlomo
In this talk we will use the basic definitions of these terms and how they impact AI development. We will use a cat detection app as the “toy problem” for demonstrating the challenges and solutions we encounter when developing