With Jan Zawadzki
It’s getting pretty clear that the future revolves around AI – global companies and startups are increasingly focusing on the impact AI can have on business and society. And the impact can be tremendous. However, the success rate of
With Adam Janes
Data Driven Documents (D3) is a JavaScript library for producing dynamic, interactive data visualizations in web browsers. As a Data Scientist, knowledge of D3 is a must to present your work by creating cool, unique and impressive data visualizations
With Roi Shternin
Covid-19 outbreak shows us just how difficult it is to for the healthcare system to manage health of the whole world population – there’s simply not enough beds and ventilators or diagnosis kits for infected people who might need
With Kacper Łukawski
Educational Session with Kacper Łukawski, Data Science Lead at Codete COVID-19 has changed our lives. Scientists all over the world are looking for the vaccine and new ways of treatments for infected patients. The modern word embeddings, like BERT,
With Iveta Lohovska
We’re surrounded by data. Many data sources use statistics in their message to add authority, conflate and confuse its audience. With updated content using examples from current media, this session aims to highlight common misuses of data, visualization and
With Johannes Starlinger
Vast amounts of data are routinely collected in clinical care for every single patient. While there’s a great urge to use this data for large scale outcomes research, it’s access, extraction, cleansing, engineering, and analysis are often much less
With Uwe Diegel
Every person generates 500 megs of data a day on average. This data is mostly useless, because it is dispersed into the ether, or into silos that do not talk to each other. Blockchain and artificial intelligence are not
With Annina Neumann
In this talk Annina Neumann will give an overview of implementing AI algorithms in general business applications. It will focus on the main challenges and things to look out for when aiming at creating measurable business value from AI