With Lubomila Jordanova
, Elena Poughia
Coronavirus is the biggest economic and social threat of 2020. Climate Change is the biggest threat of the century. Surprisingly, there are lots of connections between the two, lessons that can be learned and opportunities that can be found.
With Georg Boch
, Franziska Eichler
, Kat 'Sparklez' Schamens
Data Natives Open Forum’s last meetup will focus on mindfulness & Covid19. How can we cope with the pain points of Covid19 during the times of pandemic. This particular edition will be dedicated to mindfulness & data and focus
With Daniel Knapp
, Stewart Rogers
“Weaponising Algorithms” a Fireside Chat | Daniel Knapp, Senior Director at IHS Markit and Stewart Rogers Analyst and Journalist at Venture Beat. Want priority access to our Community Content library? Sign up for DN22 or log in with your
With Dennis Grishin
, Adrien Philippe
, Jörn Bungartz
, Aline Noizet
We are moving from a ‘one size fits all’ treatment approach to targeted therapies based on individuals’ profiles and predispositions. This is made possible by the increasing amount of medical data and biomarkers collected and analysed through novel approaches
With Kave Bulambo
, Stefanía Bjarney Ólafsdóttir
, Björn Bakker
, Darja Gutnick
, Linda Zettergren
Data and analytics technologies are becoming great assets for HR teams to not only assess and recruit the best candidates, but also to monitor the pulse inside the organisation. Regular surveys can help assess how the employees in the
With Paula Schwarz
, Shlomi Hod
, Jennifer Ahrens
, Yann Leretaille
There is a fundamental gap between ethics and artificial intelligence as values are not functional mathematically proven systems. With an explosion in the amount of data generated and collected, data ethics is a mounting concern. Whether it’s data ownership,