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With Uwe Diegel
Uwe Diegel is a specialist in various forms of medical diagnostics, including blood pressure, temperature, asthma and diabetes. He is the holder of several patents relating to temperature and blood pressure measurement. Until the age of 26 he was
With Eduardo Peire
Eduardo Peire is an industrial engineer, which is now using AI to diagnose the world deadliest diseases. Want priority access to our Community Content library? Sign up for DN22 or log in with your Premium or VIP Membership. Username
With Annina Neumann
Dr. Annina Neumann is leading the Data Technology team at P7S1, which focuses on building data-driven software components and solving complex data analytics challenges. She works with a cross-functional team of data engineers, data scientists, web-developers and business partners.
With Iveta Lohovska
We’re surrounded by data. Many data practitioners use statistics in their message to add authority- but also to confuse their audience. With updated content using examples from current media, this session aims to highlight common misuses of data, visualization