Hackathon & Demo Day

Data Natives brought together over 24.000 hackers to participate in online hackathons.

& Demo Day

17 - 26 September 2020, Online | Worldwide

DN Unlimited Hackathon was organised to solve challenges around sustainable and green businesses, social impact, healthcare and data privacy, cybersecurity and data protection

We’re thrilled to have gathered 500 participants, 20 teams, 20 interdisciplinary mentors, 6 judges and incredible partners – Bayer, Vision health Pioneers, Flying Health

Over the past months, Data Natives brought together over 24.000 hackers to participate in online hackathons. If you’d like to develop your ideas in interdisciplinary teams – join our community!

September 17 – 25

The Hackathon kicked-off with a virtual info session. Now hackers can form teams and familiarise themselves with the challenges.

If you already registered to hack, you can log in and check out your personal dashboard for further information.

September 24 – 25

Mentorship Sessions will help our hacking teams to shape up their solutions, pitches and receive tailored advice from the invited industry experts. They are ready to pitch now!

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our 15 incredible mentors  from SAP, Bayer and other innovative companies.

Scroll down to check out all mentors!

September 26

Finally, the grand finale!

During The Demo Day, our hackers will present their creations to our hand-picked jurors.


The Challenges of 2020

Embark on the DN Unlimited Hackathon journey and use your skills to answer these questions:

  • How can we build sustainable businesses during the economic unrest?
  • How can tech help us facilitate positive & long-term social impact?
  • What are the ways to enact both healthcare and data accessibility for all?
  • How to ensure cybersecurity and data protection in the times of exponential growth of data?

I encountered some very committed people, who presented amazing analyses.

Max Wegner
Regulatory Affairs at Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Hackathon Agenda

6 PM CET: Official kick-off 

Join us for welcoming notes by mentors and judges. Watch elevator pitches by our hackers who are still looking for teams or team members. 

We already have more than 500 talented participants from more than 15 different nationalities.

10 AM CET: Morning check-in

6 PM CET: EUvsVirus – Success story 

Data Natives are (Co-)Organisators of EUvsVirus. Meet the EUvsVirus teams and hear about their success stories. We’re going to stream this talk live on our website.

#EUvsVirus hackathon identifies 117 solutions

10 AM CET: Morning check-in

1 PM CET: Pitching workshop 

When you pitch you need to be memorable, concise and cause your audience to take action. We are LIVE with a pitching workshop!

5 PM CET: Design Thinking workshop 

12 PM CET: #HackCorona success story 

1:30 PM CET: Demo Day 

We’re streaming all video pitches and Q&As with the judges live on our website. Stay tuned!

#HackCorona gathered over 1700 people

Alt text

Maren Lesche

Hackathon Jury Member, Head of Incubation, Vision Health Pioneers
Alt text

Laura Nelde

Hackathon Jury Member; Startup Relationship Manager, Flying Health
Alt text

Max Wegner

Hackathon Jury Member; Head of Regulatory Affairs, Bayer AG
Alt text

Kirill Satanovsky

Hackathon Jury Member; Co-founder, HackingEDU
Alt text

Lina Nikolopoulou

Hackathon Jury Member; Managing Director , eHealth Forum
Alt text

Norman Hiob

Hackathon Jury Member, Strategy & Startup Consultant, Norman Hiob
Alt text

Alistair Nolan

Hackathon Jury Member; Administrator, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Alt text

Christian Müller

Teamleader Data Generation, BAYER Vital GmbH
Alt text

Dirk Miethe

Solution Architect (ML/AI) SAP, SAP
Alt text

Alex Baker

CEO, Retail Tech X
Alt text

Marina Markežič

Consultant, Unlawcked
Alt text

Ignatz Schatz

Innovation Coach, Freelance
Alt text

Josep Itopa

Lead ML Engineer, Renewable Africa 365
Alt text

Harini Suresh

Technical Solutions Engineer, Arista Networks
Alt text

S. Elif Kocaoglu Ulbrich

Founder, Contextual Solutions
Alt text

Rodolfo Gallucci

Alt text

Annesha Kar Gupta

Advocate, Ambassador, Professor, University of London (Student)
Alt text

Sabine Petzsch

Senior Project & Content Manager, Openers
Alt text

Sweeha Panwar

Senior Associate, Corporate Partnerships, The/Nudge Foundation
Alt text

Erika Torres

Machine Learning Engineer, MLReef
Alt text

Camillo Pachmann

Alt text

Leo Magazzu

COO, SafePls
Alt text

Gözde Bal

Senior Product Manager, Milestone Systems
Alt text

Sanjana Basu

Investor, Radical Ventures
Alt text

Alina Kukarina

Entrepreneur, Digital Purpose Consulting
Alt text

Johannes Starlinger

Interdisciplinary Digital Health Consultant, starlinger⁺ digital health architects
Sponsors & Partners

All Partner & Friends


A hackathon is an innovative marathon where teams gather and come up with new solutions to existing problems. There are many global challenges in the world that require collaboration between a wide range of professionals in all fields. #DNUnlimited Hackathon will activate the brightest minds all over the world to solve the biggest challenges of 2020.

#DNUnlimited Hackathon enables you to bring ideas to life. You will be able to work in a team from the comfort of your own home and to make an impact. We will have mentors and judges available for a consultation to help guide your way. You don’t need a complete product or a solution to participate.

#DNUnlimited Hackathon is open for everyone. We are looking for data scientists, developers, project managers, designers, healthcare experts and everyone else who can help – no previous experience is required. You can register as an individual and we will help you to find a team to work with. Another option is to gather your friends and join the Hackathon together. Each team should have a Team Captain and can include up to 5 members. We encourage you to go out of your comfort zone and team up with people from around the world!

  1. Register here by filling out the form.
  2. Join our Info Day on the 17th of September.
  3. Get access to the Hackathon Participant website.
  4. Network and connect to each other in Slack channels. 
  5. Finalise team formation using Airtable. 
  6. Develop your project, schedule mentoring sessions via Mentornity.
  7. Record a video pitch about your project and submit it by September 25th 11:59PM on Devpost.
  8. Present your project on Demo Day on September 26th.

More detailed information will be provided on the Hackathon website once you sign in.

Absolutely! It’s entirely irrelevant what your experience is, it’s more about your interest in data science, sustainability, technology, healthcare and other fields.

The deadline to submit your application is Thursday, September 23rd. You can do it here.

You. #DNUnlimited and its partners don’t have any claim to what you have developed.

The final decision of judges will be based on the following criteria:
  • Innovation: How innovative is the idea?  Does the approach stand out from solutions that are available so far?
  • Impact: How high is the benefit for the patient and other stakeholders of the health care system? Does the solution generate impact for our society? How viable is the solution?
  • Applicability: How user-friendly is the solution? Is the solution convenient to be used? How viable is the solution?
  • Feasibility: How realistic is the implementation of the idea? Can the solution be brought into life by further research projects or by founding a company?
  • Execution: How sophisticated and well-made is the technical implementation?

Mentors give the tools, knowledge and assistance that participants need to succeed in transforming their ideas into practical and useful solutions. Mentors are also responsible for being available to help quickly resolve specific problems, advise and challenge the teams. To become a mentor, please fill out this form.

Judges use the criteria mentioned above and evaluate the projects according to their best knowledge. They are the most qualified professionals who are ready to take responsibility for their decisions. To become a judge, please fill out this form