FROM 8.08 TO 02.09

DN22 Hybrid polkadot Hackathon

Call out to all polkadot Aficionados!
Astar Network & KILT Protocol will implement a series of web2-friendly & data-focused challenges, offering +25K€ in prizes

Hybrid Hackathon

8-29 AUGUST 2022 | Worldwide

The DN22 Hybrid Polkadot Hackathon will kick off on Monday, August 8, and will run for 3 weeks with a series of online mentorship sessions and workshops. 

We’re celebrating the end of the Hackathon with a networking weekend from August 26 to 28 at Mindspace Krausenstraße (Berlin).

The Hackathon culminates with Demo Day taking place within the DN22 Conference on September 2. 

DN22 Hackathon Challenges


Build a dApp for non-tech users to create and deploy NFT in PSP34 standard, a Polkadot-native standard for WASM-based NFTs.


Up to $3000


Build a dApp using an indexer to check the activities of given EVM addresses. Categorize the activities and build useful scoring systems using the activity data.


Up to $4000


Create a scoring system showing how active a Substrate-native address is. Create a dashboard showing the activity level of a Substrate-native address. And if it achieves a certain threshold, users can claim an RMRK-standard NFT, which can dynamically evolve as users’ activity levels increase.


Up to $5000


Astar Network aims to become the asset hub on Polkadot with a vibrant DeFi ecosystem. And it’s very important for our users, data analysts, traders, and projects, to have an overview of the Astar DeFi protocols to optimize their strategies, and manage their assets in multiple wallets.

  • Build an asset management dashboard
  • Build a liquidity dashboard (optional)


Up to $6,000


Build a bridge contract on the WASM contract environment and EVM on the Shibuya test network that can transfer ERC20 (and PSP22) between two different account schemes (SS58 and H160) alongside a simple web-based wallet to manage and transfer from one token to another.


Up to $10,000


Actors – The claimer is the holder of the event ticket, the attester creates the event ticket, and the verifier checks the ticket is valid. The attester and the verifier can be the same entity.

  • Build a dApp that can issue and verify event tickets.
  • Build a mobile wallet that can receive, sign and present credentials. 

Possible demo – The dApp should be able to create tickets that can be verified at the event check-in with the mobile wallet.  


Up to 10,000 KILT Coins


2022 Hackathon Agenda

Alt text

Max Wegner

Hackathon Jury Member; Head of Regulatory Affairs at Bayer AG
Alt text

Laura Nelde

Hackathon Jury Member; Startup Relationship Manager at Flying Health
Alt text

Maren Lesche

Hackathon Jury Member, Head of Incubation at Vision Health Pioneers
Alt text

Kirill Satanovsky

Hackathon Jury Member; Co-founder at HackingEDU
Alt text

Lina Nikolopoulou

Hackathon Jury Member; Managing Director at eHealth Forum
Alt text

Norman Hiob

Hackathon Jury Member, Strategy & Startup Consultant at Norman Hiob
Alt text

Alistair Nolan

Hackathon Jury Member; Administrator at Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Alt text

Christian Müller

Teamleader Data Generation at BAYER Vital GmbH
Alt text

Dirk Miethe

Solution Architect (ML/AI) SAP at SAP
Alt text

Rodolfo Gallucci

UX/UI Designer at ANCHOVY
Alt text

Johannes Starlinger

Interdisciplinary Digital Health Consultant at starlinger⁺ digital health architects
Alt text

Alina Kukarina

Entrepreneur at Digital Purpose Consulting
Alt text

Sanjana Basu

Investor at Radical Ventures
Alt text

Gözde Bal

Senior Product Manager at Milestone Systems
Alt text

Leo Magazzu

COO at SafePls
Alt text

Camillo Pachmann

CEO at MLReef
Alt text

Erika Torres

Machine Learning Engineer at MLReef
Alt text

Sweeha Panwar

Senior Associate, Corporate Partnerships at The/Nudge Foundation
Alt text

Sabine Petzsch

Senior Project & Content Manager at Openers
Alt text

Annesha Kar Gupta

Advocate, Ambassador, Professor at University of London (Student)
Alt text

Alex Baker

CEO at Retail Tech X
Alt text

S. Elif Kocaoglu Ulbrich

Founder at Contextual Solutions
Alt text

Harini Suresh

Technical Solutions Engineer at Arista Networks
Alt text

Josep Itopa

Lead ML Engineer at Renewable Africa 365
Alt text

Ignatz Schatz

Innovation Coach at Freelance
Alt text

Marina Markežič

Consultant at Unlawcked
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