The Data Natives Webinar Series

We worked together with Deutsche Bahn Akademie to bring you a series of webinars that would introduce you to the world of Data Science. Everything big starts with something little, so go ahead and subscribe below to get access and invitations to our upcoming educational content. Please note that some webinars are recorded in German, and some are in English.

  • The World of Data
  • Dr. David Stephenson: Why is big data useful? (English)
  • Drohnen, Bots und andere Tiere – Norman Rzepka
  • Cybersecurity – Kampf um Daten (German)
  • The era of automation – Lior Barak
  • Trused Privacy – Prof. Dr. Christoph Bauer
  • Become Cyber Competitive
  • Big Data im Blick der digitalen Transformation

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