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Amazon’s Cloud Leadership Under Threat? IBM and Microsoft Boast Impressive Figures

3462606643_fd5d1e350d_zA recent report from Synergy Research Group showed some interesting figures around the companies leading the way for cloud infrastructure services. The report revealed that the giants of traditional software, IBM and Microsoft, were leading the way in terms of growth rate in cloud services – the former showing a surge of 86 percent in cloud revenue in Q2, while the latter presented 164 percent increase. The report also found that, while Amazon is still ahead in overall cloud revenue, with $962 million, the company can no longer claim to be bigger than its four closest competitors combined. The research group said tougher competition meant AWS did not grow its “cloud revenues on a sequential basis, and consequently saw its at year-on-year growth rate drop to 49%.” The current growth…

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Dynamic Data Integration

4524698671_d27be90ea5_zDynamic data integration for distributed architectures with more fragmented data sets need data quality and master data management to bridge existing enterprise infrastructure to newer apps developed for cloud and mobility. A flexible and scalable platform with these vital components can ensure consistency and reliability for upstream analytics. But in order to succeed, firms need to first establish and commit to an ongoing data governance program with clear objectives endorsed by senior management. Line of business users must be involved throughout the process – from training on required data entry procedures and formatting to model testing, validation and analysis. In this post, we’ll focus on data quality. Part II will look at MDM and the link between the two. A data governance committee comprised of leaders from different functional areas,…

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28% of All Digital Investments Will Be Spent on Big Data Technologies

337187361_1d64dce8d3_bAccording to a recent report released by Tata Consultancy Services, enterprises are recognising the importance of digital initiatives to their success. The study, titled “The Road to Reimagination: The State and High Stakes of Digital Initiatives” explores how Global 2000 companies are using five transformative technologies – Big Data and analytics; cloud computing; mobile and pervasive computing; social media; robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – to move towards Digital Reimagination; changing their core business models, products and services, business processes and workplaces. Key findings from the report include: Digital Leaders have one plan for the Digital Consumer Economy Leaders focus their digital efforts on a smaller number of business capabilities, 57 percent, while Followers tend to spread their efforts more thinly between many business objectives. Leaders have achieved superior capabilities in…

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Big Data Technology Series – Part 2

5791228117_155ed7c23d_zMax Kanaskar is an Associate for Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company). He has extensive experience in IT capability development and data management, and has advised companies in transformational data management programs, including data strategy, management and governance. He’s a regular commentator on big data and technology. His views can be found here. In the first introductory instalment of the Big Data Technology Series, we looked at some of the drivers behind recent innovation in the  database management and analytic platform market.  We also looked at a high level scheme to classify the plethora of technologies and solutions currently in the market based on four distinct environments.  Before we start getting into the details of this technology landscape, it will be  worthwhile to take a step back and understand a bit of history.  As…

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Qlik Introduces New Data Visualisation Discovery Tool for Free

5098377101_8555d47eae_zThe explosion of data in recent years has resulted in huge demand for not only storage and processing solutions, but also techniques and tools to make sense of this data. The emergence of visualization tools – interactive dashboards, bar graphs, animations – to effectively analyse the information coming from inside and outside of organisations, has meant that business intelligence (BI) is becoming jointly governed by IT and business users themselves. Companies like Tableau, Birst, Jaspersoft and SiSense (to name just a few) are targeting enterprise customers with the promise of data accessibility across the whole organisation – from novice C-level executives to seasoned IT professionals. Among these companies, Qlik announced yesterday it is preparing to offer a free version of its Qlik Sense Desktop with no restrictions on either personal or…

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Oracle Offers New Data-as-a-Service To Help Companies With Marketing and Social

224011677_a80f4d2ab9_zAlmost six months after the purchase of BlueKai, Oracle has announced two new services to “help business users drive smarter, more informed decisions across the enterprise.” The newly released service, dubbed Oracle Data Cloud, will have two offerings involved: Oracle DaaS (Data-as-a-Service) for Marketing and Oracle DaaS for Social. The former will be subscription based product giving marketers access to anonymous user-level data across a number of sources, whereas the latter will deliver enriched social media data providing intelligence on customers, competitors and market trends. “Unbundling data from SaaS applications has enhanced a business user’s ability to activate insights gleaned from external data sources, leading to more engaging and personalized customer experiences,” said Omar Tawakol, general manager and group vice president, Oracle Data Cloud. “The Oracle Data Cloud brings together…

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The Humanisation of IT: Overcoming the Data Deluge

7069578953_41435e38b1_zIn the 1940s, IMB President Thomas Watson allegedly predicted the world would need only five computers. Over the past decade, this statement has been recirculated and mocked as the consumerisation of technology has led to the creation of an estimated 2.35 billion devices (PCs, tablets and mobile phones) as of 2013. Indeed, there are toddlers who own the five devices Watson believed would satisfy the world’s computing needs! Regardless of whether Watson uttered these now infamous words or not, few predicted the dramatic impact IT has had in the world, or indeed our thirst for technology as consumers. While the developed world has had its fill of computers and smartphones, the revolution has only just begun in the developing world, further expanding the ‘Internet of Things’ – a rapidly multiplying…

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