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Why You Should Learn R First for Data Science

Why You Should Learn R First for Data Science R v. PythonThis article originally appeared at Sharp Sight Labs. Follow Joshua Ebner, the founder of Sharp Sight Labs, on Twitter. Read more here. Over and over, when talking with people who are starting to learn data science, there’s a frustration that comes up: “I don’t know which programming language to start with.” And it’s not just programming languages, it’s also software systems like Tableau, SPSS, etc. There is an ever widening range of tools and programming languages and it’s difficult to know which one to select. I get it. When I started focusing heavily on data science a few years ago, I reviewed all of the popular programming languages at the time: Python, R, SAS, D3, not to mention a few that in hindsight, really aren’t that great for analytics like...
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Hacking Tinder with Facial Recognition & NLP

TinderBoxIt almost goes without saying that Tinder has taken the dating world by storm. Stats released late last year revealed that Tinder’s 50-million-strong userbase complete over a billion left and right swipes every single day. The success has often been attributed to the fact that Tinder is the closest virtual simulation of the bar experience; you see an attractive person across the bar, and in the that moment- having only seen them, and knowing precious little about them other than the way they look (and maybe their tipple of choice), you decide whether or not to make your approach. It’s virtual speed dating, where every encounter can end in the few moments in takes for you to swipe left or right without your potential partner ever even knowing. However, another...
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Kaggle’s March Machine Learning Madness is Back!

Kaggle's March Madness Machine Learning Mania is Back!In lieu of the upcoming NCAA tournament office pools and pundit prognosis are starting to gain momentum. For the last few years, however the stakes are high; and the amount of predictive data available gets higher. Betting has been taken to an all new level with big data scientists using analytics to predict bids and sponsor competitions. With millions fillings out brackets, coin flipping is no longer an option. The odds of making the correct predictions are exponentially increased with the correct analysis of data collected throughout the seaon, as well as previous years’ data which includes player statistics, tournament seeds, geographical factors and social media. Kaggle HQ has yet again taken out their annual March Data Madness competition pits you against the millions of sports fans and office-pool bandwagoners...
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IBM Watson Adds Five New Services Including Image, Speech & Tradeoff Analytics

5575901202_ffd71e9391_bThe IBM Watson developer cloud just got five more free beta services added to its inventory, which will expand IBM Watson capabilities to images, speech, and analytics, the IT giant reported Wednesday. The five new services now available on Bluemix are: Speech to Text : This is a cloud-based, real-time service that uses low latency speech recognition capabilities to convert speech into text for voice-controlled mobile applications, transcription services, and more. Based on more than 50 years of speech research at IBM, its use cases include voice control over apps, transcription of meetings and conference calls in real-time. Text to Speech : Text to Speech converts textual input into speech, and provides the option of three voices in English or Spanish, including the American English voice used by Watson in...
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Eve Stumbles Upon a Possible Cure for Malaria. Eve is a Robot Scientist.

Eve Stumbles Upon a Possible Cure for Malaria. Eve is a Robot Scientist.A laboratory automation system that harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in order to glean and understand scientific data constant experimentation is called a Robot Scientist. Eve is such a Robot Scientist and if certain U.K. researchers have it right, then Eve might have stumbled upon a possible fighting chance against malaria. A paper published in the Royal Society journal Interface explains that essentially through cycles of experimentation, involving learning, analysis and testing of compounds, Eve, “integrates and automates library-screening, hit-confirmation, and lead generation”, testing all possible compounds on target diseases to see which one yields favourable results. It mass-screens a batch and then retests the hits for confirmation. Herein, the learning and analysis of the hit can help derive results. “Eve has repositioned several drugs against specific targets in parasites...
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This Programme Knows If Your Startup Will Be Successful

Gorwth Science Startup Preidctive Analytics PredictThe rise of big data has ushered in a whole host of innovative startups, who all hope their idea will be the one to transform the data landscape forever. However, the startup landscape is a minefield, where even the most brilliant ideas can fall by the wayside without proper implementation and business acumen. This is where Thomas Thurston comes in. Veteran data scientist, recent venture capitalist and Chief Executive at Growth Science, Thurston believes he has developed a predictive algorithm which can mitigate some of the risk involved with starting and investing in a new business. “Most businesses fail, and that’s not good for people,” he notes. “People lose their jobs, the economy suffers.” According to Wired, Thurston has been working on his system- dubbed business model simulation- for the last...
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