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MIT Have Developed an Algorithm Which Can Predict An Area’s Crime Rate Using Google Street View

MIT Have Developed an Algorithm Which Can Predict An Area's Crime Rate Using Google Street ViewResearchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have devised an algorithm that can determine facts like “which scene has a higher crime rate”, or is “closer to a McDonald’s restaurant”, about a location, only with the help of an image or two. MIT reports that although “humans are generally better at this specific task than the algorithm”, what remains intriguing is that “the computer consistently outperformed humans at a variation of the task in which users are shown two photos and asked which scene is closer to a McDonald’s.” The team of researchers included PhD students Aditya Khosla, Byoungkwon An, and Joseph Lim, and CSAIL principal investigator Antonio Torralba. They essentially managed feed a computer on a set of 8 million Google images from eight U.S. cities...
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Neglected Machine Learning Ideas

neglected machine learning ideas 8This post is inspired by the “metacademy” suggestions for “leveling up your machine learning.” They make some halfway decent suggestions for beginners. The problem is, these suggestions won’t give you a view of machine learning as a field; they’ll only teach you about the subjects of interest to authors of machine learning books, which is different. The level-3 and level-4 suggestions they make are not super useful either: they just reflect the tastes of the author. The machine learning literature is vast, techniques are bewilderingly diverse, multidisciplinary and seemingly unrelated. It is extremely difficult to know what is important and useful. While “metacademy” has the horse sense to suggest reading some books, the problem is, there is no book which can even give you a survey of what is available,...
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AlchemyAPI Rolls Out Next Generation of Face Detection Which Can Identify Celebrities

alchemyapi-demo-1-lg_1Cloud computing and text mining innovator, AlchemyAPI has released its Face Detection and Recognition API, the latest offering in the AlchemyVision product line. Utilizing deep learning technology, the Face Detection and Recognition API returns the position, age, gender, and also the identity of the people, in case of celebrities, when it is provided with an image file or a URL. Audrey Klammer, Marketing Director, AlchemyAPI, writes in a blog announcing the public release, “Organizations across a variety of industries, such as social media monitoring and advertising, can take advantage of face detection to analyze their unstructured image data. “This API provides the ability for applications to glean demographic data from images, which can be useful when analyzing a person’s social media habits or for analyzing which images have the highest...
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In 5 Years, 50% of Our Search Queries Will Be on Speech or Images According to Andrew Ng

In 5 Years, 50 of Our Search Queries Will Be on Speech or Images According to Andrew NgStill basking in the glory of recently appearing on our 10 Machine Learning Experts list (we can only assume), Andrew Ng recently spoke at a Gigaom meetup on behalf of Baidu, where he has taken up residence as Chief Data Scientist. Ng’s talk concerned Baidu’s big plans for the future- which include the completion of the world’s largest neural network- as well as his own speculations about the future of deep learning and data science. What seems to have attracted attention is his belief about the future of search engines and utilization of various interfaces to find information on the Internet. “In five years, we think 50 percent of queries will be on speech or images,” Ng told a packed audience at the Gigaom meetup, on his area of expertise, deep...
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10 Machine Learning Experts You Need to Know

10 Machine Learning Experts You Need to KnowMachine learning- to put it mildly- is an incredibly broad and varied field, with multitudes of applications. Thus, writing a list entitled “10 Machine Learning Experts You Need to Know” proves challenging for a number of reasons. Firstly, I’ve restricted my ten picks to those currently working in the field- if I extended it to those living and passed, I never would have been able to identify only ten worthy of mention. Secondly, this list is in no way ranked- how would I decide which is more remarkable? Boltzmann machines or backpropagation? Self-driving cars or self-autonomous helicopters? Coursera or Udacity? Third, this is by no means an exhaustive list of people currently making significant contributions to the field of machine learning, or the wider world. But if you have a...
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