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Gridgain Unveil In-Memory Data Fabric to Speed Up and Simplify Big Data Applications

Gridgain In-Memory Data FabricIt’s no secret that in-memory, real-time applications have been gaining ground for quite some time. The idea that data should nurture immediate decision-making and not just be confined to historical, retrospective analysis has certainly proved to be a powerful one. Now, open source in-memory powerhouse Gridgain have unveiled their latest innovation for real-time insights; the Gridgain In-Memory Data Fabric. The technology accomodates high-performance transaction, real-time streaming and lightning-fast analytics to help enterprises get the answers they need when they need them. According to Gridgain, the Data Fabric is the product of “years of meticulous research and development”, and it’s hoped that this technology will prove to be a game-changer for Gridgain and the in-memory computing market. Abe Kleinfeld, CEO of Grdigain told Dataconomy: “The GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric provides an...
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10 Online Big Data Courses

10 Online Big Data Courses FeaturedThe explosion of hype around the term “big data” ushered in a rabid desire in companies big and small to get their hands on employees with a data science skill set. For evidence, you need look no further than Indeed’s graph of the number of big data-related job postings: If you already have the skill set to enter the world’s sexiest profession, it’s a great time to be alive. For those with enough money and expendable time, there’s always the option to go back to school. But for the rest of us- hope is not lost; thanks the rise of the internet, we can begin exploring data science from the comfort of our own homes, and for a fraction of the cost of academia or retraining. Obviously, we’re not saying the...
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Mastering Data Management: MDM, SOA, ESB, and Other Three Letter Words

7974661195_21ba006459_zI met with a client last week that was trying to determine what and how to deal with one of the most common and complex problems that organizations both small and large have to deal with – data management.  This oil and gas company had data coming out of its ears – production data, seismic data, HSE data, down-hole sensor data, well log data, financial data… you get the picture.  Each department was its own silo; a vast, sprawling archipelago of data islands completely disconnected from each other. Moving data from one department to another was painful and clunky, much like throwing a bunch of stuff on a boat and hoping whoever receives it finds something useful in the reams and ream of info. I know I just used two...
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In 5 Years, 50% of Our Search Queries Will Be on Speech or Images According to Andrew Ng

In 5 Years, 50 of Our Search Queries Will Be on Speech or Images According to Andrew NgStill basking in the glory of recently appearing on our 10 Machine Learning Experts list (we can only assume), Andrew Ng recently spoke at a Gigaom meetup on behalf of Baidu, where he has taken up residence as Chief Data Scientist. Ng’s talk concerned Baidu’s big plans for the future- which include the completion of the world’s largest neural network- as well as his own speculations about the future of deep learning and data science. What seems to have attracted attention is his belief about the future of search engines and utilization of various interfaces to find information on the Internet. “In five years, we think 50 percent of queries will be on speech or images,” Ng told a packed audience at the Gigaom meetup, on his area of expertise, deep...
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The Future of Business Intelligence

The Future of Business IntelligenceOver a year ago, an article written for Dataversity™ on Business Intelligence (BI) stated “at some point in the near future BI analysis will simply be another routine aspect of the job for business professionals looking to maximize the use of what will be viewed as a standard resource.” This prediction was presaged in the context of the increasing assertion of two “diametrically opposed” movements related to Business Intelligence – the prevalence of formal education in this field and the simplification of BI tools that are drastically assisting business users in daily operations. The reality is that the reliance on data is growing exponentially; virtually any application of data requires analytics or BI to extract meaning and subsequent action. What once appeared as two opposing trends that could potentially cancel...
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Netflix and its Revolutionary Use of Big Data

Netflix LogoWhen Netflix forayed into original programming by committing $100 million for two seasons of House of Cards, it did so without even watching the pilot. What made Netflix so confident that it thought this decision was a no-brainer? Big Data! Netflix is, at its core, a data-driven company that diligently collects information from its 50 million-plus subscribers at an extraordinary speed. Netflix made the House of Cards decision by identifying that subscribers who watched the original British version of House of Cards were very likely to watch movies starring Kevin Spacey or directed by David Fincher. The series was a huge hit and has been renewed for a third season. Here’s the question though: is this the future? Did Netflix just get lucky? Or were they right in banking on...
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