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Autodesk’s Latest Allows (Almost) Anyone to Create 3D Models

3D Models Autodesk MementoAutodesk, the 3D design, engineering and entertainment software provider has recently made free public beta its all in one, end-to-end solution for converting any reality capture input (photos, scans) into the high resolution 3D digital mesh replicas. Project Memento which graduated from Autodesk Labs to Autodesk Memento Beta allows the captured input to be cleaned up, fixed, and optimized for the Web, mobile or 3D printing / fabrication. “Memento’s toolkit generates 3D meshes from photos and scans and has smart toolset that helps clean up the meshes, detect and fix mesh errors, and prepare and optimize the generated 3D models for Web publishing, for VR/AR, for further digital use, or for 3D printing,” explains Tatjana Dzambazova  Product Manager, Reality Capture and Digital Fabrication at Autodesk. Project Memento, now a free...
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Y Combinator’s Sam Altman Jumps on AI Regulation Bandwagon

Y Combinator Sam Altman Artificial Intelligence AI RegulationSam Altman, the President of the seed-stage accelerator Y Combinator, has a thing or two to say about the development of the superhuman machine intelligence (SMI). In a blog post, this week, he wrote : “The US government, and all other governments, should regulate the development of SMI.  In an ideal world, regulation would slow down the bad guys and speed up the good guys—it seems like what happens with the first SMI to be developed will be very important.” In the past Altman has found technology to be ‘often over-regulated’, he stresses the need for regulation in this particular aspect of technology and offers broad guidelines to go about the same. Considering that the first serious dangers from SMI will mostly arise when humans and SMI work together, Altman says,...
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Google & Stanford Say Big Data & Deep Learning Are the Future of Drug Discovery

Google Stanford Machine Deep Learning Neural NetworksPande Lab at Stanford University in collaboration with Google released a paper earlier this week that focuses on how neural networks and deep learning technology could be crucial in improving the accuracy of determining which chemical compounds would be effective drug treatments for a variety of diseases. A Google Research blog post explains how in the recent past, computational methods using deep learning with neural networks have attempted to ‘replace or augment the high-throughput screening process.’ So far, virtual drug screening has used existing data on studied diseases; but the volume of experimental drug screening data across many diseases continues to grow. The paper titled “Massively Multitask Networks for Drug Discovery,” among other things, quantifies how the amount and diversity of screening data from a variety of diseases with very...
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Data vs. Style- When Data’s Not the Only Thing That Matters

Westwing_Mood_Summerglam_FINAL (1)The data science market has reached a point that we can safely assume that if you have customers, data is valuable to you. It can help you find new customers, re-engage exisiting ones, and make product recommendations tailored to their specific needs. But for Westwing, an online style and furniture “magazine”, data can’t replace a good curatorial eye. We spoke to Global Head of Business Intelligence at Westwing Thomas Rützel, about fusing data and style to create the perfect product.  Tell us a little bit about Westwing. Westwing is a leading international ecommerce company started in 2011 as the first online home and living shopping club in Germany. The idea behind our shopping club is to be a “shoppable magazine”: Like a magazine we inspire our over 19 million members with great...
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Apical’s Computer Vision Programme ART May Prove Pivotal for the Internet of Things

Apical ART Image Recognition IoT Internet ThingsApical, the tech company that has been innovating with camera and display subsystems over the years, has launched a unifying person-centric platform for the smart home, dubbed ART, to better integrate human behaviour with the environment utilizing latest breakthroughs in machine vision intelligence. An announcement that came earlier this week promises that, “With ART, people in the home continuously invoke an avatar, a digitized representation, capturing their four key attributes of movement, pose, gesture and identity.” Michael Tusch, CEO Apical further added: “ART is a unifying platform on which the industry can finally build compelling new home experiences for all of us. I believe it provides the best means yet to answer the question few dare ask: what is the point of the smart home?” ART (which stands for Apical...
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10 Predictive Analytics Influencers You Need to Know

Top Predictive Analytics Advanced Figures InfluencersPredictive analytics is the sweet spot where machine learning meets the enterprise. Analytics & predictive algorithms fused together mean we can now gains insight into how future patterns and trends may develop. This type of technology has ramifications across industries, but many are left clueless about the development and applications in this field. But never fear- we’re here to help. These 10 influencers provide a fascinating and hassle-free entry point into the world of predictive analytics. As always, a note on our methodology: we discovered and ranked influencers based on Twitter activity around “#PredictiveAnalytics” and “Predictive Analytics”, using Keyhole, FollowerWonk, Klout, and a little of our own algorithmic magic to compile the sources. The list contains influencers from a diverse range of backgrounds, including media moguls, serial entrepreneurs and academics....
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