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data-science-skills-networkFerris is a full stack data scientist at LinkedIn who enjoys building products at the forefront of intelligent technology. He understands that the next generation won’t be concerned with how to use technology to do things, but will expect technology to do and adapt for them. As a data scientist, I am usually heads down in numbers, patterns, and code, but as crazy as it sounds, one of the hardest parts of my job is actually describing what I do. There are plenty of resources that offer descriptions and guides on the career of a data scientist. I’ve heard them described as those at the intersection of statistics, hacking abilities, and domain expertise. Or, as data analysts who live in San Francisco. Rather than add a new definition to the...
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Medium Rolls Out Slick Visualisation Tool Charted, No Strings Attached

Medium Charted Data VisualisationPublishing platform Medium has open-sourced their proprietary data visualisation tool, Charted, on Monday. Now available for public use, data stored on Dropbox or Google Drive can be linked to charted.co and it returns a visualization of that data made shareable through a permalink. Built a year ago by the Product Science team at Medium as an internal tool to assist in analyzing data and share findings within the company, it can now be availed at charted.co. Users handling “protected or sensitive data” can run a separate instance on their secure network, much like how Medium has been doing. Essentially, Charted focuses on the following core principles, reports Medium: Charted does not store any data. It only fetches and visualizes what the link provides. It also refetches the data every 30 minutes,...
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Moogsoft Unveil Deep Monitoring of Docker and OpenStack on Incident.MOOG Platform

Docker Dashboard Dark - Large FontsMoogsoft are the self-proclaimed “leading provider of operational intelligence for the new era of software”. To ensure that they’re firmly at the cutting edge of new technology, they’ve enhanced their Incident.MOOG software product – a service which provides deep monitoring support for hype-laden Docker container environments, as well as open source cloud computing platform OpenStack. The idea of containerization – running your distributed applications within a single layer of software which can run seamlessly across all kinds of computing environments – is the latest twist on virtualisation, and one which has gained a lot of traction given Docker’s $65m funding this year alone. But containerisation in production poses new DevOps challenges; namely, if a problem occurs, it’s difficult to ascertain if it’s due to the application, the container, the cloud,...
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Top 5 Data Science Incubators and Accelerators

Top 5 Data Science Incubators and AcceleratorsUnfortunately, one great idea does not make a successful company. When it comes to founding a data science startup, a visionary idea is essential, but so is hiring the right team, gaining an in-depth knowledge of your market, and putting in place the best business practices to help your idea flourish. And then of course there’s funding. Luckily, for the technical genius whose business acumen leaves something to be desired, there’s a new breed of startup accelerators, specifically targeted towards giving your data science innovation the best possible start. Whether you’re looking to take the next step with your million-dollar big data business idea, or just curious to know more about the freshest ideas in data science, our list of the Top 5 Data Science Accelerators is a great guide...
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Why Organizations Need a Data Strategy

11904486995_fa420616b9_kOne of the most important tasks that a Data Architect is often asked to help with is the creation of an Enterprise Data Strategy. But why is Data Strategy so important and what exactly does it consist of, and lastly why is this a task that a Data Architect should be leading or supporting? So, what is a Data Strategy? Let’s review what it isn’t first… A Data Strategy is not a list of generic principles or obvious statements (such as “Data is an Enterprise Asset”) A Data Strategy is not merely a laundry list of technology trends that might somehow influence the organization in coming years A Data Strategy is not a vague list of objectives without a clear guiding vision or path for actualization. A Data Strategy is...
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Qubole Provides Self-managing Data Platform as a Service on Microsoft Azure

lIGHTSQubole, a self-service Platform for Big Data Analytics, announced a strategic relationship with Microsoft Azure in a step to make Big Data solutions more accessible to more people on more platforms. Big Data is an elastic workload and the ideal cloud use case. The Qubole Data Service is a great way to drive cloud services revenue while delivering improved time to value Microsoft Azure customers. Microsoft Partner Network members with competencies in SQL Server, BI, Data Analytics, Data Platform, and Azure are well suited to deliver the complimentary services to a data platform; helping organizations realize what is possible when they employ a Big Data strategy. Ashish Thusoo, CEO and co-founder of Qubole and author of Apache Hive stated- “The Qubole Data Service is a pure-cloud solution that runs at...
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