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The Importance of Soft Skills in Data Science

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREWhen I first started working in data, I used to think it was all about the algorithms and tools. Now banging my head against the wall has helped temper some of that. I now see the Data Science role as including at least some management consultancy. Recently Max Shron in his “Thinking with Data” book, and Hadley Wickham in his Data Science: how is it different to Statistics article, have been raising the importance of training data scientists – and if you are a data scientist, the importance of training yourself in asking the right questions. These skills are rarely cultivated by a good statistics or Mathematics education. So I have a few methods to help you develop these “soft” skills: Business Skills Training: Some universities have these in their programs,...
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Apache Samza Levels Up to a Top-Level Project; Witnesses Large Scale Adoption

Apache Samza Top Level Project AdoptionApache Samza, the distributed stream processing framework, has now graduated to become a Top-Level Project (TLP), the Apache Software Foundation has revealed. “The incubation process at Apache has been great. It has helped us cultivate a strong community, and provided us with the support and infrastructure to make Samza grow,” noted Chris Riccomini, VP at Apache Samza. Designed to handle fault tolerance, stateful processing, message durability, and scalability, Samza uses Apache Kafka for messaging, and Apache Hadoop YARN to provide fault tolerance, processor isolation, security, and resource management, thus enabling organizations to understand and react to their data in real-time. Purpose-built as a production-grade system with operability and scalability in mind, to process tracking data, service log data, and for data ingestion pipelines for realtime services, Samza originated at LinkedIn,...
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How Sensors Will Shape Big Data and the Changing Economy

How Sensors Will Shape Big Data and the Changing EconomyAs we enter 2015, the long hyped Internet of Things is starting to take shape. We’re starting to see intelligent devices, wearables, and connected items that aim to make our lives easier. The name however – the Internet of Things – slightly obscures the underlying nature of this new system. In 2012, Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist at Google and “Father of the Internet,” clarified what the emerging IoT actually is: the internet of sensors and actuators. And to clarify more, all of those sensors will be throwing off data. So, the IoT is an ecosystem of sensors, data-flows, analytics, and actuators. And this ecosystem of sensors, data, and computation will have a dramatic impact on our economy. A trillion sensor world As we talk about smart phones, tablets, watches,...
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Making the Most of the Internet of Things

5159177886_1276e96f54_bHimanshu Bari is the Director of Product Management for DataTorrent. His prior experience includes working a Senior Product Manager for Symantec and Hortonworks, a Strategy Consultant for Panasonic, and a Senior Systems Analyst for Goldman Sachs. The number of connected devices related to the Internet of Things is rapidly growing, raising the question of whether enterprises are prepared for IoT. While many enterprises may be overwhelmed by the influx of IoT devices, early adopters are embracing it. IoT allows for remote monitoring, diagnostics and improved contextual awareness with early adopters focused on verticals such as building and home automation, wearable devices, resource optimization and machine monitoring. Although we have seen many success stories from these specific industries, current data suggests the adoption curve will take an additional five to eight...
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Latest Company to Tap into Beacon & Mobile App Technology is the Cleveland Museum of Art

Latest Company to Tap into Beacon & Mobile App Technology is the Cleveland Museum of ArtThe Big Data Analytics sprawl has permeated into the arts. This month, we reported on how beacon technology was being used to overhaul the library experience. Now, The Cleveland Museum of Art are similarly turning to mobile apps and iBeacons to create a more interactive customer experience, and gather vital information on how patrons interact with exhibitions. “This is about seamless ways to get visitors closer to the art,”  explains Jane Alexander the museum’s CIO. The Wall Street Journal reports that with the collected visitor data museum authorities could gain insight on traffic flow and exhibit layout and help guide the creation of future digital content. In order to make available information regarding 45,000 artworks on smart devices for enthusiasts to access, the museum’s app, ArtLens, triangulates visitors’ locations using information from...
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Netflix Open Sources Tools for Data Analysis on Hadoop – Introduces Surus and ScorePMML

Netflix Open Sources tools for Data Analysis on HadoopData science revolutionaries Netflix have announced the onset of a Netflix-OSS project called Surus, through which it will open source some of its Hadoop data analyzing tools based on “internal user defined functions (UDF’s) that have broad adoption across Netflix.” The UDFs are slated for release over the next year and have varied use scenarios like scoring predictive models, outlier detection, pattern matching, etc. with an overall aim to enhance big data analytical capabilities, explains the blog announcing the release. Furthermore, as part of Surus, the first function Netflix offers, is dubbed ScorePMML, and will enable efficient scoring of predictive models in Apache Pig using Predictive Modeling Markup Language. “ScorePMML aligns Netflix predictive modeling capabilities around the open-source PMML standard,” Netflix explains. “By using the same PMML representation of the...
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