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Data as the New Currency

Data as the New Currency MetraTechOur hyper-networked society is producing data at an ever increasing rate. According to IBM research, more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day; and more than 90 percent of the world’s stored data was created in the last two years alone. Analyst firm IDC estimates that the digital universe—all digital data created, replicated or consumed—is doubling every two years. By 2020, there will be over 44 trillion gigabytes (or 44 zettabytes) of digital data. This collection of big data translates to new business opportunities, but the beneficiaries are not exclusively enterprises. The use of big data also has the potential to transform the planning and delivery of a range of public services, including transportation and logistics, healthcare and disease control, for the benefit of citizens and societies...
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Using Geo-Referenced Heatmaps to Display Real-Time Temperature Dynamic Behaviors

Chartie Heatmap FeaturedHeatmaps are now becoming a popular visualization technology used outside the fence of data science. They can be used, for example, to produce an overlay on a webpage to let web site administrators easily understand which parts of the site are most interesting (application examples can be found at https://heatmap.me). Generally, heatmap colors are arranged in a scale with shades from blue to red to represent concepts such as “low”, “medium” or “high”; however, by following this interpretation it is not possible to convey dynamic behaviors, e.g. whether temperatures in a given region are rising or not. Our recently published Chartie API works in this direction. It allows to transform a signal (i.e. a numerical array) in trend words such as “strong rise” or “moderate fall” representing signal dynamics. Each color...
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Snapchat Joins Deep Learning Bandwagon with Focused Research Team in the Pipeline

SnapchatWord is that Snapchat, the Los Angeles based photo messaging application, is preparing a foray into a very hot branch of artificial intellligence – deep learning. Citing a knowledgeable source, VentureBeat reveals that the popular app, with an interest in deep learning has been developing a research team “to run sophisticated algorithms on user data like images and videos.” “They’ll be doing deep learning analysis for images and eventually video (the latter, initially, probably just frame by frame rather than taking into account the full temporal nature of the visual data, and the audio stream),” the source wrote to VentureBeat in an email. Snapchat, as it turns out, brought in Yahoo’s senior research scientist, Jia Li as head of research and Google’s Wenze Hu as a research scientist, both individuals...
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How to Hack a Smart City

How to Hack a Smart CityA year ago, Cessar Cerrudo, the CTO at IOActive Labs showed how the poorly secured traffic control system in the US cities can be hacked into and manipulated, much like what we’ve seen in movies like Die Hard 4 and Italian Job. Such vulnerability is common to most countries, using sensor based traffic control measures. The system lacks basic security protections like authentication and data encryption. A year later, on Wednesday, a security researcher, Cerrudo published a paper that outlines how globally, cities, even though are becoming increasingly smart, remain prone to cyber attacks due to underlying security problems. “It’s a matter of time until someone launches an attack over some city infrastructure or system,” Cerrudo told Motherboard. “Of course it’s not something simple, but it’s possible.” Through the report,...
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Meet Azure DocumentDB- Microsoft’s NoSQL Document Database Service

Meet Azure DocumentDB- Microsoft's NoSQL Document Database ServiceAzure DocumentDB, Microsoft’s fully managed NoSQL document database service that was first previewed mid last year, is now generally available, the software giant revealed Wednesday. The latest offering addresses the growing demands for mobile first, cloud first application development, wrote the Director of Program Management, DocumentDB, John Macintyre, in a blog post making the announcement. “NoSQL databases are becoming the tool of choice for many developers however running and managing these databases can be complicated and costly, especially at scale. DocumentDB is delivered as a fully managed database-as-a-service (DBaaS) with built in high availability, SQL query over indexed JSON and multi-document transaction processing,” he added. DocumentDB allows applications to query and process JSON data at scale and comes with code samples, a query playground and lots of documentation, to enable...
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Client-Side Encryption: The Latest Trend in Cloud Storage

Client Side Encryption Cloud pCloudOnce upon a time, the United States government was a strong advocate for phone encryption. They encouraged iPhone users, for example, to take advantage of the four-digit passcode option to keep their phones more secure. Apple’s recent iOS 8 Update even took encryption to the next level: all important data, including photos, messages and more, is now encrypted by default, and not even Apple can access phones locked with a pin or password. Recently, the government has shifted gears, claiming that advanced encryption technology like this gets in the way of proper FBI investigation. Though they deny it was intentional, the FBI recently removed cell phone encryption tips from its website, too, causing many to believe that what was once made a serious issue is now unsupported by the government....
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