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Meet Apache Samza – LinkedIn’s Stream Processing Framework

Meet Apache Samza - LinkedIn’s Stream Processing FrameworkWith the advent of Big Data and the rapidly growing scale of web-applications, monolithic relational databases were replaced by scalable, partitioned, NoSQL databases and HDFS; individual queries to relational databases were replaced by the likes of Hive and Pig. This growing scale and partitioned consumption model brought about by these systems, also put forth the need for smooth processing of “streams of events” at scale. That’s when LinkedIn came up with Samza. Apache Software Foundation’s incubation project since September 2013, Apache Samza is the distributed stream processing framework that incorporates Apache Kafka for messaging, and Apache Hadoop YARN to provide fault tolerance, processor isolation, security, and resource management. Navina Ramesh of LinkedIn explains, “we recognized that some of our use cases couldn’t be implemented in Hadoop due to the large...
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How Self-Service BI Is Going to Revolutionise the Enterprise

6399191747_152831bacb_bChris Neumann stands at the forefront of the fastest moving technology industry trend: Cloud BI. He’s spent the past three years evangelizing an industry-wide shift to the cloud and has helped position DataHero as the first truly freemium BI platform in the cloud space. A calculated risk-taker with deep tech industry knowledge, Chris took his lessons learned from Aster Data and started DataHero with a new vision-giving the market a cloud based visualization product servicing the enterprise and consumer customers. We recently spoke to Chris about DataHero’s journey, the importance of UX and how self-service BI is going to change the game for enterprises big and small. Could you give us a brief background on DataHero’s mission? DataHero’s mission is to create a self-service, cloud BI tool, for an end...
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How to Interview a Data Scientist

How to Interview a Data ScientistYou know the feeling. You’re sat across the table from an interviewee and the conversation starts to run away from you. Your eyes start scanning the room as they’re reeling off another jargon-crammed answer. You notice the chip in the Channing Tatum mug you received from the office Secret Santa last Christmas. You then notice the scratch on your hand that your 4 year old gave you, in exchange for closing the laptop during that far too familiar One Direction song. The only thing you’re not noticing are the answers the other person in the room has been reeling off at you. If this typically happens to you most when you’re conducting technical interviews, it could be either that the person your interviewing is talking in a language not known...
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VMware Incorporates Workday’s Prediction Tech to Better Handle Probable Employee Resignations

8970209474_01444e441f_kHuman capital management software vendor, Workday, has developed a new prediction technology that flags moments where employees might quit providing employers a heads up to resolve issues. VMware, the US based cloud and virtualization software and services provider is testing Workday’s latest offering, reveals Bloomberg. “We’ve had some great results to date with the data,” noted Amy Gannaway, VMware’s senior director for worldwide human resources information systems, while attending a Workday conference in September last year. She explained that the application provided “a very high percentage” of accurate predictions for which employees would leave the company. The technology uses machine learning to glean patterns employee activity, “when promotions were last handed out, regional factors, changes in the industry and other data to make its predictions.” What’s more is that the...
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Python Packages For Data Mining

Data Mining PythonJust because you have a “hammer”, doesn’t mean that every problem you come across will be a “nail”. The intelligent key thing is when you use  the same hammer to solve what ever problem you came across. Like the same way when we indented to solve a datamining problem  we will face so many issues but we can solve them by using python in a intelligent way. In very next post i am going to wet your hands to solve one interesting  datamining problem using python programming language. so in this post i am going to explain you about some powerful python weapons( packages ) Before stepping directly to python packages let me clear you a doubt which is rotating in your mind right now. Why python? Why Python ? We...
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MemSQL Reveal New Productivity Tool to Dramatically Improve Data Ingest

MemSQL Reveal New Productivity Tool to Dramatically Improve Data IngestMemSQL, the San Francisco, CA based Big Data analytics outfit, has today rolled out a new data loading tool that increases ‘data ingest from popular data stores like Amazon Web Services S3 and the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)’. “The MemSQL Loader is another innovation of simplifying MemSQL implementations with production data workflows,” explains Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of MemSQL, Nikita Shamgunov. “After working with customers during their MemSQL deployments, we found a simple way to eliminate steps in data pipelines, saving them time and reducing complexity,” he further added. “By streaming directly from popular data stores like Amazon S3 and HDFS, we offer customers an easy way to get started, and an efficient way to integrate the real-time transactions and analytics of MemSQL into existing environments.” An announce...
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