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Congress is a Game, and We Have the Data to Show Who’s Winning

Data Visualisation CongressMost approaches to measuring the influence that different interest groups have in Congress favor quantitative metrics like money spent lobbying vs money saved in tax breaks. But while that kind of data is great at shining a spotlight on an individual corporation, it does little to illuminate the playing field and reveal how much influence groups have relative to one another. In order to do that, we should look at how closely events in Congress align with the goals of different special interests, especially when there’s contention. When a bill that an interest supports makes it all the way to a vote and passes, it’s indicative of them having more influence than the bill’s opponents. Conversely, when a bill that an interest opposes comes up for a vote and passes,...
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Microsoft Researchers’ Latest Computer Vision Algorithm Can Outperform Humans

15531247974_bc65130bcc_h (1)Researchers at Microsoft in Beijing may have developed the first computer vision system that has surpassed human capabilities in classifying objects defined in the ImageNet 2012 classification dataset, according to recently-published paper. “To our knowledge, our result is the first to surpass human-level performance…on this visual recognition challenge,” the paper says. The deep learning based system – Parametric Rectified Linear Unit network – achieved a 4.94% test error rate as compared to Baidu’s systems’ 5.98% and the ILSVRC 2014 winner, GoogLeNet’s 6.66%. Human’s have an error rate of 5.1%. The paper titled  Delving Deep into Rectifiers: Surpassing Human-Level Performance on ImageNet Classification, the researchers point out that the experiments were carried out on the 1000-class ImageNet 2012 dataset which contains about 1.2 million training images, 50,000 validation images, and 100,000 test...
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A Deep Convolutional Neural Network that Understands the Sentiment in Images

A Deep Convolutional Neural Network that Understands the Sentiment in ImagesWhat could possibly be a leap in AI technology is a novel method devised by scientists at Adobe Research and the University of Rochester to train computers to draw insights on ‘Visual Sentiments’ from mere images. A paper, entitled “Robust Image Sentiment Analysis Using Progressively Trained and Domain Transferred Deep Networks,” was presented at the  American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) conference in Austin, U.S. It explains how in the recent past Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN – a supervised learning algorithm, where parameters of different layers are learned through back-propagation) have been very successful in image classification tasks. “We propose to develop a suitable convolutional neural network architecture for visual sentiment analysis. Moreover, we employ a progressive training strategy that leverages the training results of convolutional neural network to further...
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Why You Should Learn R First for Data Science

Why You Should Learn R First for Data Science R v. PythonThis article originally appeared at Sharp Sight Labs. Follow Joshua Ebner, the founder of Sharp Sight Labs, on Twitter. Read more here. Over and over, when talking with people who are starting to learn data science, there’s a frustration that comes up: “I don’t know which programming language to start with.” And it’s not just programming languages, it’s also software systems like Tableau, SPSS, etc. There is an ever widening range of tools and programming languages and it’s difficult to know which one to select. I get it. When I started focusing heavily on data science a few years ago, I reviewed all of the popular programming languages at the time: Python, R, SAS, D3, not to mention a few that in hindsight, really aren’t that great for analytics like...
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Skytree’s Latest Offering Paves the Way for Data Science Automation

Skytree's Latest Offering Paves the Way for Data Science AutomationSkytree, the machine learning startup catering to the enterprise, has brought forth its latest offering- the Skytree InfinityTM 15.1. With this release, Skytree intends to streamline enterprise adoption of machine learning. “Skytree Infinity 15.1 automates key data science tasks, significantly increases the productivity and ultimately improves the results that come from the work of data scientists,” explains Dr. Alexander Gray, co-founder and CTO at Skytree. With the latest product, Skytree aims to bring machine learning to more users through its high performance, scalable and highly accurate machine learning algorithms and increased automation and ease of use to save data scientists time and effort. Few features of the Skytree Infinity 15.1 include: Automatically determining ‘optimal parameters and algorithms for maximum model accuracy,’ is Skytree’s patent pending AutoModel, essentially saving time on...
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