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The Past, Present & Future of Advanced Analytics

The Past Present and Future of Advanced AnalyticsMartin Hack co-founded Skytree in 2010 and served as its Chief Executive Officer until 2014 when he took on his current role as Chief Product Officer. He is responsible for all aspects of Skytree’s technology, product strategy and direct engagement with customers. Martin has 20+ years of experience creating game changing technology products, services and strategies. His experience includes the management of product lines with revenues totaling $1.8B/year. He has launched ground-breaking products, driven world wide strategies and helped set de-facto industry standards. As an expert on Trusted Computing, Virtualization and High Performance environments, he became a sought after advisor to many Fortune 500 companies and government organizations. Advanced analytics- Skytree’s area of speciality- are in hot demand in the age of big data. More and more industries are moving past traditional retrospective analysis,...
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8 Trends In Big Data For 2015

8 Trends In Big Data For 2015As a Big Data recruiter, the speed of change in the industry never ceases to amaze me. I can’t fail to get up in the morning and wonder what the next year (or day) might bring in this ever changing industry, and although I have made eight suggestions for 2015 trends, there seems to be one general theme: Big Data is going to become more accessible…. Non-Data Scientists Big data talent with a Ph.D. or even a computer science degree is scarce and given the rapid growth of the industry, professionals from other backgrounds will be joining the teams. Increasingly automated platforms will simplify the collection and analysis of data, and the reliance on coding will be reduced, so the industry will be open to a wider skillset. A “Data...
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Samsung Pledges $100m to Make Internet of Things a Reality

Samsung Pledges $100m to Make Internet of Things a RealityThe 2015 International CES provided a peek into the future of technology, with industry titans showcasing their ideas of what is to come. Samsung was no exception. Chief BK Yoon pledged over $100m in funding to bring about an Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, pouring resources for developers to facilitate the creation of a supportive open system. “I’ve heard people say they want to create a single operating system for IoT, but these people only work with their own devices. We can deliver the benefits of IoT only if all sensors can talk to each other,” explained Yoon in his opening keynote for CES. “I’m making a promise that our IoT devices and products will be open. We will ensure that others can easily connect to our devices,” he added,...
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Toyota Pulled a Tesla, Open Up Patents for Fuel Cells: What Now?

3780170490_4714d30c0c_bOpen source data has been beneficial to the tech community and consumers at large, helping advancement significantly by making access to existing technology both faster and more accessible. Technological advancement is far more rapid when consumers who likely lack the financial resources to pay for pre-existing technology, have open, unencumbered access. As a result, society benefits- and the firm is paid in kind, in the form of good PR and a strengthened, expanding customer base. Tesla: Paving the Way for Open Patents In the automobile sector, Elon Musk is well-known for opening up his firm’s intellectual property to the world; patents to his electric car manufacturing firm Tesla Motors are openly available at no cost. Musk clearly explained his aims in a blog post on Tesla Motors’ website. “Tesla Motors...
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Data Mining Tops LinkedIn’s List of the Hottest Skills in 2014

Data Mining Tops LinkedIn's List of the Hottest Skills in 2014The list for 25 Hottest Skills of 2014 that got people hired according to the business networking service provider, LinkedIn, came out mid-December last year, and there has been a significant shuffling since 2013. What came out on top as the number one on this list was Statistical Analysis and Data Mining, as compared to number 5th on 2013’s list; the topper then was Social Media Marketing. “If your skills fit one of the categories below, there’s a good chance you either started a new job or garnered the interest of a recruiter in the past year,” says the blog post making the announcement. LinkedIn analyzed the skills and employment history of more than 330 million LinkedIn member profiles. Expertise (skills) and experience (work history) represent the primary components of...
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NVIDIA’S DRIVE PX Platform to Pave Way for Self-Driving Cars Using Deep Learning

NVIDIA’S DRIVE PX Platform to Pave Way for Self-Driving Cars Using Deep LearningNvidia, Pioneers of visual computing have launched the Drive PX platform for cars which will take self- piloted cars to the next level. It was unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The DRIVE PX platform is based on the NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor, enabling smarter, more sophisticated advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and paving the way for the autonomous car. Tegra X1 delivers 1.3 gigapixels/second throughput – enough to handle 12 two-Megapixel cameras at frame rates up to 60 fps for some cameras. It is equipped with 10 GB of DRAM memory and combines surround Computer Vision (CV) technology, extensive deep learning training, and over-the-air updates to transform how cars see, think, and learn. The Tegra X1 computing chip packs more than one teraflops of computing...
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