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Eve Stumbles Upon a Possible Cure for Malaria. Eve is a Robot Scientist.

Eve Stumbles Upon a Possible Cure for Malaria. Eve is a Robot Scientist.A laboratory automation system that harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in order to glean and understand scientific data constant experimentation is called a Robot Scientist. Eve is such a Robot Scientist and if certain U.K. researchers have it right, then Eve might have stumbled upon a possible fighting chance against malaria. A paper published in the Royal Society journal Interface explains that essentially through cycles of experimentation, involving learning, analysis and testing of compounds, Eve, “integrates and automates library-screening, hit-confirmation, and lead generation”, testing all possible compounds on target diseases to see which one yields favourable results. It mass-screens a batch and then retests the hits for confirmation. Herein, the learning and analysis of the hit can help derive results. “Eve has repositioned several drugs against specific targets in parasites...
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Aerospike’s New CEO John Dillon on the 2015 Roadmap for Database Tech: Less Hype, Better Technology

aerospike_logo2015 is certainly an exciting time for NoSQL database vendors Aerospike. 2014 saw them open source their technology, post groundbreaking benchmarks and add a whole raft of updates to their platform. Today, they’ve announced that Silicon Valley veteran John Dillon will be stepping into the breach as their new CEO. Dillon has 30 years of experience in the database tech field under his belt, having previously been the CEO at Salesforce, EngineYard and Hyperion. His resume also boasts a leadership position at Oracle, during the time they went from multi-million to multi-billion profit margins. Needless to say, he has big plans for this promising company. Speaking to John earlier in the week, one of the things that stuck out most was his commitment to better marketing. “The biggest challenge I’m going to put on the marketing department is...
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10 Internet of Things Influencers You Need to Know

6863172432_d9cda26a6f_kIt is a truth (almost) universally acknowledged that the Internet of Things is going to revolutionise how we live, work and think. From the explosion of sensor data, to connected cars, to the smart homes and cities of the future, IoT is permeating its way into every facet of our lives. Although broaching this field can be daunting, it is certainly worth looking in to the fascinating applications and technology associated with this field- if you’re looking for the latest insights into how IoT will shape our future, this list is a great place to start. A brief note on methodology- we discovered and ranked influencers based on Twitter activity around “#IoT” and “Internet of Things”, using Keyhole, FollowerWonk, Klout, Onalytica and a little of our own algorithmic magic to...
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Am I Going Down? Uses Flight Data to Calculate Odds of Your Next Flight Crashing

Am I Going Down Uses Flight Data to Calculate Odds of Your Next Flight Crashing 2A new iOS app Am I Going Down? refutes the claim that there’s a “one in a million chance” of your plane crashing. In fact, if you’re on a Boeing 747-700 flight from San Francisco to Dallas, there’s a 1 in 4,593,011 chance you’ll crash. A Boeing 777 Cathay Pacific flightfrom Hong Kong to Los Angeles is much more risky; you have a dicey 1 in 4,068,434 chance of a crash. If you’re intending to take this flight every single day for the next 11,146 years, brace yourself for an incident. The app was developed by London-based company Vanilla Pixel, with the express intent of calming the nerves of fearful flyers. “The initial inspiration comes from my co-founder and wife, Julie, who for many years has suffered from a fear...
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3 Reasons Why Banks Can’t Afford to Ignore AI

3 reasons why banks can't afford to ignore AIThe promise of Big Data and our ability to use it was a lofty one. Unfortunately, many Big Data efforts have turned out to be extremely costly, both in terms of the investment and the human capital required to draw insight out of it. While companies use many approaches to extract value from data they capture, organize and store, it is only recently that we have seen a new class of technologies emerge providing real impact — those powered by Artificial Intelligence, aka AI. No matter what you call it — “cognitive computing,” “machine learning,” “cognitive analysis,” “smart machines” or even “intelligent automation” — AI is enjoying a renaissance now, not simply because of the promise it holds for the future but because of the impact it is having on...
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This Programme Knows If Your Startup Will Be Successful

Gorwth Science Startup Preidctive Analytics PredictThe rise of big data has ushered in a whole host of innovative startups, who all hope their idea will be the one to transform the data landscape forever. However, the startup landscape is a minefield, where even the most brilliant ideas can fall by the wayside without proper implementation and business acumen. This is where Thomas Thurston comes in. Veteran data scientist, recent venture capitalist and Chief Executive at Growth Science, Thurston believes he has developed a predictive algorithm which can mitigate some of the risk involved with starting and investing in a new business. “Most businesses fail, and that’s not good for people,” he notes. “People lose their jobs, the economy suffers.” According to Wired, Thurston has been working on his system- dubbed business model simulation- for the last...
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