What makes a data-driven company?

DN Unlimited Conference welcomes exceptional speakers, who will take on our virtual stage to talk about what makes a data-driven company, how to balance between personalization and data privacy, and why tech is among the most visible indicators of a tendency toward oligarchy in our world.

How a 164-year old company became data-driven

Nicknamed “the Gray Lady”, the NY Times has long been regarded within the industry as a national “newspaper of record”. The Data Science group at The New York Times develops and deploys ML solutions to newsroom and business problems on a daily basis.

Chris Wiggins, NY Times’ Chief Data Scientist, will tell us the story behind what makes The New York Times a datadriven company, how to prevent our society from an abuse of power in data processing and how to look critically at the past history and the economical use of data.

How Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren & Burberry balance between personalization and data privacy

An expert on personalization & machine intelligence for Fortune 500s, Jessica Graves, is the Founder and Chief Data Officer of Sefleuria, a company that uses algorithms to help fashion & luxury companies grow sustainably.

At DN Unlimted, Jessica is going to walk us through her work on designing and delivering content that empowers creatives to invent the future using algorithms. Jessica will also deep dive into the challenges of striking the balance between personalization and data privacy.

"There are only two industries that call their customers ‘users’: illegal drugs and software", Edward Tufte

The software has eaten the world and crapped out a dystopia – says Cory Doctorow, a science fiction author, activist, and journalist. At the DN Unlimited Conference, Cory will explain why we are living through an unparalleled moment of conspiratorialism, supercharged by tech.

Cory is one of the co-founders of the Open Rights Group in England, which, similar to the EFF, is committed to the liberalization of copyright law, against digital rights management and for data protection, among other things.

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