Smart Mobility & Adaptive Learning: Hackathon teams are sharing progress

DN Unlimited hackathon kicked off last Thursday with over 500 hackers, 15 mentors, and the support of companies like Bayer, Flying Health and Vision Health Pioneers. Over the weekend, participants started forming teams and ideas for solutions tackling challenges in social impact, data protection & cybersecurity, healthcare & data accessibility and more.

We chatted with two DN Unlimited hacking teams, Traffrigo and Agavi. Here’s what they told us about their hackathon journey – solutions, goals, dreams and progress. 

Giovanni & Gaetano | Team Traffrigo

“Our idea is to build on a new behavior that emerged during the lockdown – we all had to reduce the number of online orders, especially for non-essential items. That resulted in a reduction in traffic and, therefore, pollution. 

Our team aims to reproduce this behavior on a massive scale by creating a smart system for optimizing the routes with supply pickup points aggregated in residential areas of the city – easily accessible by suppliers and by customers. 

Everyone wants to reduce pollution but our goal is to present an interesting and smart tool that can help people change their way of thinking. We are looking for team members with diverse backgrounds who share our vision! Our dream goal for the DN Unlimited Hackathon is to have a model that can be adapted in different city areas and easily replicated”.

Bianca Costin | Team Agavi

“We are focusing on building a tool that will allow teachers to create compelling, interactive digital experiences where students can engage with science topics. Working with intelligent systems at the University of Arizona, we noticed that some educational tools that are available in more wealthy countries cannot be used in less wealthy regions.

That’s why we are aiming to establish educational tools that will be accessible to teachers globally – no matter the financial capabilities. In short, we are building an adaptive learning system. Our team comprises of teachers (like myself), UX designers, web developers, and engineers who are committed to creating a positive social impact. We are participating in DN Unlimited Hackathon for a push forward – to finally bring the project into the hands of the teachers”. 

If you have an innovative idea that is waiting to be brought to life, here’s your chance – DN Unlimited Hackathon is still accepting applications. Find more information & register here:


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