Alessandro Pedori

Founder at IFS Collective & CTO
at EnterpriseAI Consulting

Alex describes what he does as “telling very stupid artificial intelligences what to do. Every now and then, they even obey me”. To be more specific, he is a software engineer, specializing in AI (NLP for preference). He is also a jack of many trades (and if not master, at least lead or senior level in a few). He loves the social aspect of technology and, conversely, the technological aspects of social interactions, collecting projects and techniques that let people shine and communities grow. Out of the desire to get people to share practical knowledge, to teach and learn from each other in domains that are often opaque, he started collecting tools that developed into the project “Relationship Cookbook”, and all the other things that relate to another project of his, Wetwarecraft. At EnterpriseAI Consulting, he architectures ML/NLP based solutions, deals with data gathering and preprocessing, generating embedding, testing models and assumptions, drafting feasibility and business cases. Alessandro used to work as a Lead ML Engineer at Klarna, where he was building infrastructure on AWS, building and securing tools to enable data scientists to be faster, packaging of models, CI/DP, exploring tools for better modeling, implementing models.