Anne Schönauer

Project Lead
at 2 Degrees Investing Initiative Deutschland e.V.

Anne Schönauer joined the 2° Investing Initiative (2Dii) in 2020. She co-funded the 1in1000 research programme at 2Dii which aims to develop evidence, design tools, and build capacity to help financial institutions and supervisors mitigate and adapt to future risks and challenges. Now, she is the project lead of the new SME database project at 2Dii which collects data on SMEs for climate-related assessments. Prior to joining 2Dii, Anne gained experience in research, in the public sector and in consultancies. Anne holds an MSc. in International Finance and Development from SOAS University of London, where she specialised in sustainable finance and monetary policy. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Economics from the University of Bayreuth.