Ari Kamlani

Principal Data Scientist
at ThoughtWorks (most recent), currently Independent Consultant

Ari Kamlani is an accomplished Principal Data Scientist advancing early-stage responsible machine intelligent solutions. His experience spans across a broad range of industries, with notable employers, such as ThoughtWorks, JP Morgan Chase, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Nagra Kudelski, Techstars, and advisory board member with Rutgers Center for Innovation Education. He has held senior roles across R&D, Incubation & Innovation, Product Development, and Solutions Architecture divisions. He began his professional career within embedded software and wireless technology communication domains, followed by engagements in the media industry. By closely partnering across business units, his contributions and strategic advice have helped numerous organizations overcome barriers, delivering personalized, scalable, and trustworthy systems. Some of his recent experience includes engagements within computer vision, natural language, reinforcement learning, information retrieval discovery, and recommender system aspects.