Chris Downs

Design Leader
at Normally

I am the co-founder and Design Leader of Normally – a data product and service design studio based in London. We are currently conducting an experiment – to see if we can create an inspiring and healthy balance between our loves of design, of data and our families.

We are pursuing some of the great unanswered questions about the value of data, the meaning of data and the impact it has on us as individuals and our society. I sold all my personal data on Ebay in 2002 (I got £150 for it), and in 2012 I learned about the consequences of exposing six million pounds worth of companies house data to Google.

I also teach at CIID (The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design), I am a member of the Design Council Sounding Board and serve on the judging panel for the Webby Awards.
In the past I have been a Principal of Service Design at Method, was one of the founders of The Interaction Design Institute, Ivrea, and I pioneered Service Design and founded live|work – the world’s first Service Design agency in 2001.