David Tomczyk

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, Strategy, and Game Design , ex-Nasa
at Quinnipiac University

Dave is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Game Design at Quinnipiac University. Before teaching at QU, Dave had a very varied career, working at numerous positions at NASA, acting as the U.S. Representative for Science and Technology at the State Department, and teaching for Kaplan as a GMAT and GRE instructor. Dave earned his Bachelors from Denison University in Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics with a minor in Religion and his Masters in Economics from Miami University in Ohio. Now he brings all of those different backgrounds to help starting businesses launch and existing businesses grow. Dave loves board games and puzzles, and is co-leading the creation of a puzzle hunt for Gen Con this year (a board game convention with 65,000-80,000 attendees) with his brother.