Michael Ionita

Author of No-Code, Blockhain YouTube Channel & Board Member
at Austrian Startups

Michael is an entrepreneur with a tech/developer background. Currently he is passionate about giving people superpowers by showing how to create apps without coding skills on his NoCode YouTube channel and Meetups. He is known as the Chief Problem Solver for R&D where he helps building and cultivating tech teams. He is also passionate about prototyping, golfing and cuban salsa dancing.

His journey started when he built his first Startup RealLifeConnect, which was producing connected hardware for events, which could post to social media right from the venue when a user interacted with it using NFC technology. Today this is called IoT 🙂 The company produced hardware in China and shipped it all over the world while being able to track and update them remotely. Big brands like Toyota, Johnny Walker and LV were amongst the clients.

In early 2020 Michael was the co-organiser of the biggest Hackathon in the world, the #EUvsVirus with more than 21k participants. Followed by the Matchathon where the Hackathon winners were matched with partners (investors, corporates, universities, etc.) to give these startups wings. We created more than 2k partnerships and all winning startups were added to the EIC platform, which is big.

Today Michael is the CTO of Walls.io, a board member of Austrian Startups and a NoCode Meetup and YouTube Channel host.

2022, 2020