Mina Luetkens

Founder & Managing Director
at Patients4Digital gGmbH

“Mina Luetkens is Managing Partner of Patients4Digital (P4D), a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering citizens and patients in the digital health marketplace.
Her focus topics are bridging the areas of technology and system/culture: digital identity & data sovereignty, web3 solutions & data infrastructure, value-based healthcare & health 4.0 as well as the doctor-patient relationship & data generation: from cognitive bias to data bias.
After studying physics, architecture and biochemistry at TU-Berlin, FU-Berlin and University of Calgary and an additional qualification in market access from EBS University of Economics and Law, she spent almost 13 years in pharmaceutical industry at various positions of increasing responsibility.
In early 2022, she decided to move on: She left her career in industry, and founded Patients4Digital gGmbH together with Sophie Christin Ernst.”