Nilesh Jain

at Clinivantage Healthcare Technologies Inc

An Alumni of Carnegie Mellon University, Nilesh Jain, is a serial entrepreneur and a strategy advisor for emerging entrepreneurs and start-ups. Nilesh is the co-founder of CliniVantage Healthcare Technologies Inc, an integrated and award-winning SaaS-based platform that revolutionizes the way healthcare professionals engage with patients and changes the way consumers consume healthcare services; giving them more control to manage their wellness.


He has over 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience and holds a passion for mentoring start-ups to grow exponentially on a global scale. He has spent nearly 2 decades in Silicon Valley as a technopreneur, with a proven track record of building and managing companies, revenue centers and developing strategies to build a strong foundation for all his successful ventures.


Nilesh’s leadership experience spans over an array of sectors including technology and healthcare, from implant manufacturing, engineering, software products and supply chain. Apart from being an angel investor, he has spearheaded more than 5 companies as a founding team member.


Nilesh also served on the committee for Health & Nutrition, established by National Institute for transformation of India (NITI Ayog), and was a part of the team called ‘Champions of Change’ formed by the Prime minister of India and his PMO establishing the next generation of entrepreneurs to help accelerate innovation that has a meaningful impact to the people in India. Nilesh has spoken at various events about the role of technology and its implications on healthcare in public and private sectors, especially in the areas of personalized care and patient-centric wellness, and the impact of innovations and technology in harm reduction on public health.


He has had the opportunity to speak at the Carlyle event in Washington DC, at the FDA (FDLI) meet in Washington DC, at Carnegie Mellon University along with healthcare professionals at Nasscom Healthcare, Let’s Venture and Innoven Health conferences. Nilesh is a part of the World Economic Forum working committee and has been an author, discussing the key values expected when operating in the space of digital platforms & ecosystems; formulating the impact of Digital Platforms in Healthcare and the future roadmaps.


He has been featured on the CNBC channel, highlighting the impact of technology on public health. He has been recognized as the top 30 Entrepreneurs of the Year 2018 by Silicon Review Names. He was part of the VSTF program working with Devendra Fadnavis to chart the last mile program of Clinivantage, DigiVillage.


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