Núria Bertomeu Castelló

Director of Natural Language Processing

Dr. Núria Bertomeu Castelló first got acquainted with the field of NLP in 2003, while she pursued a Master’s degree on Linguistics and Cognitive Science at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and she rapidly grew enthusiastic about it. Right after her graduation she obtained a scholarship from the German Research Foundation to work on her PhD within the German International Research Colleague on Language Technology and Cognitive Systems at Saarland University. She successfully defended her PhD thesis on discourse and semantic processing in 2007 and continued her research, especially in the field of dialogue systems, at the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and Centre of General Linguistics (ZAS). In 2013, following her wish of bringing NLP out of the labs and developing NLP products, she moved into industry, working for companies such as Searchmetrics and parlamind. Since 2017, she is Director of Natural Language Processing at Yukka Lab, where she is responsible for the development of a text understanding system for opinion and fact mining on financial news.

TALK: Target-aspect-based sentiment analysis (TABSA): an overview of the task, its challenges and the state of the art
Data Science Stage
Live on November 19, 2020 11:55 am CET