Roi Shternin

Founder, Visiting Lecturer
at Valero Clinical, Dysautonomia Israel, Project Hearts, Shenkar

After Being ill for years, Roi has diagnosed himself with a rare condition (POTS Syndrome), Starting a medical revolution, saving lives and promoting health on his way to saving his own life. Roi Is the founder of the Patient-led Israeli society for Dysautonomia and serves as the first-ever Chief Patient and head of innovation at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Health In Vienna, Austria.

Roi is a graduate of the Social-Educational Initiative Incubator at the Kibbutzim College of Education, He is the founder of the lifesaving Help+ App, which is designed to not only benefit the general public but also specifically assist the deaf and hearing-impaired call for help & Valero Clinical, A groundbreaking digital health startup. Roi is also co-founder of two lifesaving medical device startups, & iDefi. In addition, he also established the “LaBriut!”, An award-winning Health education Program and “Project Hearts” – An International, lifesaving youth movement. Roi is one the founders of the Israeli TEDx movement and a TEDx speaker and mentors himself.  After self-diagnosing himself with a rare and untreated syndrome, Roi is helping to empower individuals and communities through mentoring and counseling. He has embarked on a journey to revolutionized medicine, making healthcare accessible to anyone, anywhere.