Samuel Boehme

Hybrid AI business lead
at SAP Innovation Center Potsdam

“Samuel Boehme is the Hybrid AI Business lead at the SAP Innovation Center Network Berlin/ Potsdam, an innovation team dedicated to exploring the future of enterprise software using the latest technologies.

Samuel is responsible to identify use cases to the next generation projects created together with his team. He is co-innovating with Global customers, and manages the scalation of the projects from vision to solution delivery, with ample knowledge on showcasing the innovative projects prototypes through SAP events, customer events and conferences.

He has an innovative and problem-solving mindset, he embraces situations where it’s required to step out of the comfort zone to learn new skills and find creative solutions for challenging tasks. He is excited to be an SAP innovation frontrunner to bring innovation concepts with prototypes alive to solve real business challenges resulting in business value for customers.”