Sandra Winkler

Country Marketing Manager
at Mindspace

As a home office pioneer – Sandra started working from home in 2010 – working for a supportive employer, where remote work was already a standard practice. Therefore, her interest in that topic was sparked before any coworking spaces even existed. Since 2018, Sandra Winkler is working as the Country Marketing Lead Germany at boutique coworking provider Mindspace. New work is deeply ingrained in the company’s business model, and in order to better understand their customers worldwide, Sandra initiated a global survey that looks at employee happiness in relation to the work environment. Sandra has 13 years of work experience in communication and marketing in Europe and Asia, and has led a remote team spanning the globe – from Chile to India. Before starting her current role at Mindspace, she spent 11 years at data analytics provider Evalueserve, leading the marketing communications team. Sandra is a truly global personality, who lived in South Africa, Chile, India, and China, before settling down in bustling Berlin. She studied sociology, philosophy, and journalism in Southern Germany.