Stephanie von Behr

Co-Founder and Managing Director
at Founderland

I’ve been working with startups for over a decade building community, as a mentor, operator, a consultant, and a 3x founder. I began my career with a Master of Fine Arts, as an artist and curator. I came to entrepreneurship to creatively solve a real problem for new mothers: lack of “me” time, isolation, and finding new mom-friends. In 2014, after the birth of my daughter, I kicked off my entrepreneurial career as the Co-Founder of Wunderhaus, a family wellness center in Berlin that aimed to solve these pain points. Recently I was the Director of Strategy at Silicon Allee and the Berlin Founders Fund, making it a priority to invest in more diverse founders. I am now leading Founderland, helping to get more women of color businesses funded and moving the needle towards a more diverse future.