Stephen Kovats

at Agency for Open Culture and Critical Transformation gGmbH

Stephen Kovats is founding co-director of r0g_agency for open culture and critical transformation, a Berlin based non-profit and internationally networked agency promoting and developing the use of open source resources, tools and platforms primarily for critical post-conflict / post-disaster transformation. Over the past few years r0g_agency has been deeply involved in applying open technologies to the peacebuilding effort in and around South Sudan with initiatives such as #defyhatenow which acts to counter online incitement to violence in that country’s civil conflict. Working with and helping train dedicated young innovators from the region, his team developed #ASKotec, the ‘Access to Skills and Knowledge open tech emergency case’. Essentially a mobile technical repair and makerspace able to be deployed in any region or context regardless of access to resources such as electricity or internet, #ASKotec is currently being field tested in South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya.

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