Thomas Hartwig

Founder, CEO

Thomas Hartwig is Founder and CEO of the company LEOGANT. Since 2009, his label LEOGANT has developed and sold the best filtration and vitalization systems for water treatment. These days, private households aren’t the only ones running his systems, which can increasingly be found in restaurants and sustainable businesses. Trained as a restaurateur, his interest in physical and holistic issues started when he studied the Asian martial art of kung fu in China’s Wundang Mountains. The idea of starting his own business began to take root and he knew he wanted to launch one with high ethical standards. “I wanted to found a company that would allow me to make a contribution to making people’s lives healthier, to raising awareness, and at the same time to actively protecting the natural environment,” he says, describing what motivated him. Bruce Lee’s famous words “Be water, my friend” became his life maxim. We are all made of the same thing – water – and, in the best case scenario, move in harmony with our nature, as we release and meaningfully direct energy: This is the guiding principle behind Thomas Hartwig’s actions and LEOGANT, too. He’s not interested in coming up with that spur-of-the-moment fix, but in creating holistic, functional, sustainable and aesthetically sophisticated solutions for individual needs. As a person and entrepreneur, he succeeds in fusing an urban lifestyle with a healthy, ecologically oriented life. Thomas Hartwig is a medically certified nutritionist, who regularly lectures on water. His goal is to raise awareness about the importance of water for our society.