Tom Nassr

Founder & CEO
at Checkmate Digital
Tom is a serial entrepreneur with a background in philosophy. He is obsessed with the concept of ‘value’, and how digital platforms can create more ‘value’ for the people who use them. His expertise ranges from UX design, to business process automation, to social entrepreneurship business modeling. After selling his award winning design agency, Checkmate Digital, in October of 2019, he’s been focused on impact-based ventures like As a believer in omni-win scenarios, he often helps to create partnerships and synergies between organizations, people, and companies with purpose.  Living and working in New Haven Connecticut, Tom is a board member of the Entrepreneurship Foundation, was named the 2017/2018 Entrepreneur of the Year by Connecticut Entrepreneurs Consortium, a board member of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO),  a Nexus Global member, a UN Youth Delegate, and volunteers his time mentoring at several local and international accelerators.