Vera Futorjanski

at Veritas Ventures

“Vera Futorjanski is the CEO & Founder of Veritas Ventures, a global strategic advisory firm. She is a serial entrepreneur and is currently building a community for women. Most recently, she was with the Venture Capital firm 500Global in charge of the Middle East. Prior to that, Vera was with the Dubai Future Foundation, part of the Prime Ministers’ Office of the United Arab Emirates, working on various innovation projects. Before that Vera was with Rocket Internet and had co-founded one of Rocket’s startups in Dubai.

She is part of the Expert Group on Digital Platforms and Ecosystems for the World Economic Forum, an Innovation Expert at the UN, and a Responsible Leader at the BMW Foundation. Vera is a Venture Partner with the Founder Institute and their Advisor for the GCC (Gulf countries). She sits on the advisory board of the IBM Village Capital accelerator and is a mentor with Techstars, Respond, e7, and many other global accelerators and incubators. Vera is a Global Ambassador at Vital Voices and part of VV100, which is their network of 100 women they consider the most influential in their 15K network of extraordinary women. Vera is a big advocate for women empowerment and specifically for women in technology.”