Viivi Lähteenoja

Chair of the board, Senior data strategist
at MyData Global, 1001 Lakes

Viivi is a data, policy, and ethics researcher and professional. She has experience working towards human-centric and ethically sound personal data benefits for people and societies in nonprofit, academic, public sector, and private sector organisations.

Viivi currently serves as the chair of the board for MyData Global, an international nonprofit organisation for the promotion of fair, sustainable, and prosperous digital societies through the human-centric use of personal data.

She is also a Senior data strategist for 1001 Lakes, a Finnish data economy company focusing on supporting companies and governments with consulting, products, and services to use, share, and create value from data.

Her academic research at the University of Helsinki and Aalto University is in philosophical ethics and specifically the (ab)uses of personal data.

In the past, she has appeared in events alongside pioneers like Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Lawrence Lessig, spoken at events hosted by, e.g., the World Economic Forum, the World Bank, and the European Commission, testified for the European Parliament on digital regulation.