Vinicius Ribeiro

Head of Intelligence
at Cartesi

“I fell in love with Blockchain.

I used to be an oilman, but I must confess: The ethos of the decentralized network is beautiful. The realm of possibilities that this technology can bring us is impressive. I’m ecstatic that I can work to make a more decentralized world a reality, a dream come true.

Currently, I am contributing to growing Cartesi, The Blockchain OS. We aim to bring millions of developers, bridging the gap between Blockchain and the mainstream. We are building scalability solutions and delivering great tools and resources for developers. My main job is to guide the project into the future, providing insights, crafting, and implementing the best possible strategies. I also advise companies, projects, and professionals.

Before joining the blockchain space, I had a rich and extensive experience as a professional negotiator. I have led negotiations with companies, helping to build and maintain new ventures and partnerships. I also negotiated with Government agents and suppliers. Exciting times!

A remarkable memory was speaking at a TEDx event when I presented how negotiation can contribute to a better world. It was a life-changing and emotional experience for me, as you can watch in the recording (subtitled).

My key competencies and interests are Blockchain, Strategy, Negotiation, Business Development, and Decision Making.

I love (e)sports, games, traveling, and meeting new people. Feel free to reach out.”