Viola Llewellyn

Co-Founder & President
at Ovamba Solutions

Ms. Viola Llewellyn Co-founded Ovamba Solutions, Inc. in 2013 and serves as its Global President and Cameroon General Manager and served as its Chief Operations Officer. Ms. Llewellyn oversees the execution of strategy, daily operations, marketing and new business development for Ovamba. She served as an Executive Assistant and Manager of Secondary Life Capital LLC. Ms. Llewellyn has over ten years experience supervising administrative support staff, supporting executives and managing offices. Ms. Llewellyn is an analytical individual with exceptional communication skills and strong project management abilities. Ms. Llewellyn served for Unisys, KPMG and Preston Gates Ellis and Rouvelas Meeds, a successful Washington lobbying firm. Ms. Llewellyn was educated in Great Britain at Reading College of Technology.