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Data Natives is Europe’s largest meeting point for the data-driven generation and world’s largest community of data-driven professionals.

Data Natives was founded in 2015 to bring together communities from around the world who were excited by the boom in data science, machine learning, and all data-infused tech.

Today, we organise events in 50+ key tech hubs across the globe, culminating in our annual Data Natives conference in Berlin in November. 

Our mission is to bring together diverse strands of the global tech community. We aim to educate and inspire our 183,000+ community members, and motivate them to shape the innovations of tomorrow.

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Our Values

There’s no such thing as a passive spectator at a DN event. We put a strong focus on community, to build relationships and promote collaboration. All of our events are built by & for communities, highlighting local speakers, and letting our audience decide the topics & focus.

35% of our attendees list “Learning” as the number one reason they come to Data Natives events. Regardless of skillset and previous experience, we aim to empower our attendees to learn something new- whether that’s deep-diving into TensorFlow, or increasing knowledge around data literacy & privacy.

One of the best parts of organising a grassroots events community is discovering phenomenal data practitioners who’ve been marginalised by the wider tech ecosystem. We place particular focus on showcasing the projects, knowledge and expertise of womxn, people of colour & members of the LGBT community.

We believe that sustainability and profitability are not mutually exclusive concepts. We highlight projects which are changing our world for the better across ecology, health, & society. Our work and efforts are aligned with UN’s 2030 goals.

“Data Natives was the biggest and coolest audience so far I’ve met in Berlin”
ROMEO KIENZLER, Global Chief Data Scientist, IBM IoT
"It was a delight to be part of Data Natives- it's a fabulous event that brings together a vibrant community of data enthusiasts who are looking to improve the way they use AI in the decision-making process"
CASSIE KOZYRKOV, Chief Decision Scientist, Google
“A conference that's un-fancily, earnestly and honestly for people who build the data economy. ‘Positively geeky’, in other words, both intellectual and hands-on”
Christoph Raethke, Startup Expert
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We gather, support and educate data & tech professionals globally, online and offline.