Hall of Fame: Our Data Natives Alumni

Kirk Borne, Romeo Kienzler, Dr. Susan Wegner, Louisa Heinrich, Sean Owen, Dr. Annina Neumann, Mike Gualtieri, Michelle Tran, Jeremy Waite, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Yuval Dvir, Suzy Moat, Daniel Molnar, Katharine Jarmul, Alex Rahin, Sigalit Bechler, Dr. Abdourahmane Faye, Hans Uszkoreit, Kim Nilsson, Bart De Witte, Alexander Graubner-Müller.

Each year, we aim to unite thought leaders across disciplines and topics to spark collaboration and inspire innovation. Whether that’s data-inspired artists or industry titans bringing machine learning to the enterprise, each of our speakers is selected for their ability to shed light on the technologies which will shape our future.

Data Natives 2019 Speakers

Open Call for Papers for 2019 will be announced in January 2019 — watch this space!