Moojan Asghari

Founder & CEO
at Thousand Faces

“Born in Iran and based in Paris, Moojan Asghari is a serial entrepreneur, public speaker, technologist, activist, and strong advocate for diversity and inclusion.
Moojan has founded the global nonprofit Women in AI, an organization across +150 countries with 10,000+ members worldwide, to encourage women to take part in the field of Artificial Intelligence and embrace the opportunities of this technology.
She is also the founder of Thousand Eyes On Me, a personal branding and talent development platform for women and minorities, helping them become strong authentic leaders. She hosts the Thousand Voices Podcast where she runs a series of interviews with top female leaders across the globe.
She has recently built an investment club for women called Thousand Faces which uses carbon-negative NFTs to finance female-led projects with a strong focus on climate and sustainability.
She teaches AI and Data Foundation for Business at Sciences Po in Paris and coaches individuals on Compassionate Leadership.

She has served on the advisory board of ARCEP, UNESCO, Greentech Alliance, and European Parliament on Future of Technologies, Gender Diversity and Inclusion. She co-chaired the Gender Committee at AI4EU, a European Commission-funded project.
Moojan has a bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology, and a double degree in Master’s in Management and MSC in Corporate Finance and Banking from EDHEC Business School in France.”