Caroline Harth

Founder and CEO
at Harthcommunications

Caroline is an entrepreneur and strategic communications consultant. She is guiding leaders and founders to own their stories. With a Ph.D. in the history of law, she understands academic subjects and her in-depth knowledge of sustainability and diversity communication means she can inject empathy and emotional connection into her client’s stories.

Caroline advises companies and organizations on communicating their services and products in times of digital change and offers more than classic Public Relations. In today´s business world it is critical to engage the innovation community from the inside – as opposed to marketing from the outside to classical Public Relations. This requires activating a network of change-makers in a genuine way and instigating them into taking part in your companies journey. It is all about getting access to new tribes that must be X-rayed. She works with clients who understand this kind of innovative communication and helps them to build an innovative communication strategy.