Jessica Graves (AI & Design)

Jessica Graves

Founder & Chief Data Officer
at Sefleuria

Jessica Graves, Chief Data Officer, helps companies adopt decision support systems so that they can scale sustainably. After building revenue-generating algorithms into the marketing system at Ralph Lauren, she launched Sefleuria to tailor data science research to business outcomes in fashion & luxury. She has a background commercializing machine learning technologies at Fast Forward Labs (acquired by Cloudera) and Thread Genius (acquired by Sotheby’s). Following a career ranging from design at Oscar de la Renta to statistical computing at Alvanon, she speaks on Machine Intelligence & Creativity on global stages, and has been featured in Vogue Business, Drapers, Texte Zur Kunst, Sourcing Journal, Vestoj, and Dataconomy.



TALK: Mindsets for Creativity & AI
Future Society Stage
Live on November 19, 2020 12:00 pm CET