A global online event for the data-driven generation

November 18th – 20th, 2020 | Worldwide | Online

With 7 successful conferences behind us, Data Natives became synonymous with exploring the key trends of our data-driven generation. 

In 2019, we hand-selected 182+ thought-leaders, 20 sponsors from 8 countries, 3500+ attendees to spark collaboration and inspire our attendees.

In 2020, Data Natives invites you to become a part of the DN Unlimited Experience. We are expanding our activities to a global audience of 10.000+ attendees passionate about technology, society and enterprise through the lens of data.

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About Data Natives:

Founded in 2015 to bring together communities excited by the boom in data science, machine learning, and all data-infused tech, Data Natives created the largest network of 80.000 data experts and became the main connection node for the data-driven generation.

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