Susara (Sarette) van den Heever

Executive Data Scientist & Program Director
at IBM Data Science & AI

Dr. Susara van den Heever is an Executive Decision Scientist and Program Director for the IBM Data Science Elite team, with a focus on helping clients lead with data science, by applying techniques such as decision optimization and machine learning to their business challenges. Her prior activities with IBM include leading Decision Optimization (ILOG/CPLEX) offering management (OM), running Joint Projects between IBM Research and Decision Optimization, and leading the Constrained Resources and Environmental Analytics team at the IBM Smarter Cities Technology Center (IBM Research Ireland), where she won patent and research division awards. Her contributions span many industries, including oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, supply chain, and finance. Her experience across presales, consulting, enablement, research, and OM, has given her a broad understanding of business challenges to complement her deep expertise in analytics. She holds a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University, has published a number of peer-reviewed scientific articles, and has filed patents in innovations such as Cognitive Optimization and Uncertainty-Aware Decision-Making. Susara is passionate about bringing the power of data and AI to real-world solutions, by making these technologies more understandable, consumable, and enjoyable.